A good beginning makes a good ending
Japanese Title はじめが肝心
Hajime ga kanjin
Episode Number 2
Air Date April 10, 2011
Opening Theme Orion o Nazoru
Ending Theme Hoshi no Sumika
Wild Tiger, Barnaby Brooks Jr., Dragon Kid, Sky High, Fire Emblem, Agnes Joubert, Cain, Albert Maverick, Origami Cyclone, Blue Rose, Saito, Kaede Kaburagi, Alexander Lloyds, Isaac, Mr. Legend, Tony, Rock Bison
Episode 1
All's well that ends well
Episode 3
Many a true word is spoken in jest


A giant stone statue runs rampant across the city, but Kotetsu and Barnaby are at a disadvantage due to their reluctance to work together. Saito, the company's head researcher, shows Kotetsu how durable his new suit is compared to the old one. The NEXT behind the statue attack, a young boy with telekinesis, later targets a high-level ice rink, where Kotetsu's daughter, Kaede Kaburagi, is performing. Barnaby rescues Kaede from a collapsing ceiling. While Kotetsu, recalling how a NEXT called Mr. Legend inspired him to become a hero, manages to convince the boy to use his powers for good when the ice rink starts to collapse before dropping to the ground.

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