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Albert Maverick
Albert maverick
NEXT Power Memory Implantation
Gender Male
Hair White-gray
Debut Episode 1
All's well that ends well
Seiyū Nobuaki Fukuda

Jamieson K. Price(English)

Albert Maverick is the President and CEO of Apollon Media, the company responsible for Hero TV and sponsor for Wild Tiger and Barnaby Brooks Jr.. He appears to have a great deal of influence as a result, and the city's mayor often turns to him for advice.

He is a protagonist/antagonist of the entire series.


When Maverick first started Hero TV, people still feared and disliked the NEXTs despite good deeds they committed, and the only ones who would support him were Barnaby and Emily Brooks - who were longtime friends of his. They helped him by using their robotics research to construct the hero suits used on the show. In order to make the show more popular and garner more support, he thought of ways to make the heroes more likable to the public to boost ratings. As a result, Maverick joined forces with an organization known as Ouroboros and began staging flashy crimes for the heroes to thwart on live television. The Brooks eventually discovered that he was using the fruits of their research to supply criminals with weapons, and confronted him about it. When they tried to act on their intentions to tell the police, Maverick shot and killed them with his pistol.

Then, spotting the young Barnaby Jr. peeking at the scene through a door crack, he used his NEXT powers to alter the boy's memory of the event. Maverick also seems to have done the same to Samantha, as she believed that she was sick that day when she had actually been out with Barnaby Jr. the entire time. Maverick replaced her with himself in Barnaby Jr.'s memories in order to provide himself a foolproof alibi. Maverick subsequently took Barnaby Jr. in and raised him to be a hero and future star for Hero TV.


Jake Martinez and a City Held CaptiveEdit

Maverick, along with the CEOs of the other major Sternbild companies, meets with the mayor when Ouroboros holds the city hostage and demands Jake's release from prison. While the mayor panics and cannot think of a suitable course of action, it is Maverick who takes control of the situation and states that they will have to answer to Ouroboros' demands in order to protect the city. He later convinces Barnaby to tell his story over a live broadcast in order to improve the public's waning belief in heroes.

Mistaken MemoriesEdit

After his memories start to unravel and he subsequently has an argument with Kotetsu, Barnaby ends up turning to Maverick for support. He tells Maverick about recently-acquired information that disproves the theory of Jake being his parents' killer. During their conversation, Barnaby receives a phone call from Samantha, his childhood nanny, whose discovery of a photograph from the day of the murder reveals that Barnaby had been with her that entire day - and not Maverick. When confronted about the contradiction, Maverick admits to having killed the Brooks and reveals the entire story behind their murder. With Barnaby paralyzed thanks to a drug which had been discretely added to his drink, Maverick uses his NEXT abilities to once again alter Barnaby's memories: first to reinstate Jake as the Brooks' killer, and then to erase any connection between Wild Tiger and Kotetsu. He subsequently carts Barnaby off to a secluded vacation home to ensure the memory manipulation has maximum effect.

With Barnaby taken care of, Maverick turns his attention to the only other person who knows that Jake wasn't the Brook's killer: Kotetsu. He invites the latter to his office and attempts to drug and alter Kotetsu's memories as well, only to be prevented from doing so by a string of coincidences. He ultimately never gets the opportunity to alter Kotetsu's memories, as the latter leaves following a phone call from Samantha without ever taking a sip of his drink. In order to stall Kotetsu from meeting with Samantha, Maverick makes a call in order to stage a bombing elsewhere in the city. With Kotetsu out saving people, Maverick's subordinates intercept and kidnap Samantha. When Kotetsu returns to find that Samantha has already left, he opts to visit her house in the hopes of running into her, and calls Maverick to inform him as such.

As a result, Maverick changes his original plan and instead decides to kill Samantha and frame Kotetsu for her murder. While Kotetsu waits at Samantha's house, Maverick calls together the other heroes, Agnes, Saito and Lloyds to announce an upcoming Hero TV event. In reality, however, the announcement is merely a ruse to bring together everyone who knows Wild Tiger's identity. Maverick drugs everyone in attendance and alters their memories, erasing any connection between Wild Tiger and Kotetsu. He then releases (fake) information surrounding Samantha's murder, labeling Kotetsu a homicidal NEXT. The other heroes are subsequently sent to capture him on live TV, and an android is used as Wild Tiger's replacement.

While Kotetsu is off trying to get Barnaby to remember him and Barnaby is busy trying to kill the man he believes to be Samantha's murderer, Maverick uses the Wild Tiger android to incapacitate the other heroes (and Wild Tiger's daughter), whose memories have already been restored. Once Barnaby's memory is restored, Maverick decides to eliminate the pair - as neither is of any further use to him. Using Blue Rose's communicator, he contacts the pair and informs them that Kaede and the other heroes have all been captured. He then tells Kotetsu and Barnaby to meet him at Justice Tower.

Once they arrive, Maverick reveals that he has been backing Rotwang's robotics research and intends to replace the heroes with androids.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Maverick is a NEXT who has the ability to manipulate a subject's memories and alter them. While the full capability of his power is unknown, he only appears able to alter existing memories and not create entirely new ones. Rather, his power acts akin to sealing away real memories or layering similar ones on top. As Maverick mentioned with the picture of Samantha and Barnaby on Christmas, even the slightest bit of contradiction will cause the true memory to surface.


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