Karina: My talk show is a little bit cold, but your ears have been put completely on hold! ...Having said that, prepare yourself, because you're not getting away.

Karina: OBC Radio Station Presents: Blue Rose's Midnight Ice Cream

Karina: Good evening, listeners. This is Blue Rose, Hero Super Idol, Ice Fairy from the Ice Lagoon, and Super Sadist Queen. I'm hoping that this new show will allow my fans to see a different, surprising side of me.

Karina: As you lie in bed before your day off and you close your eyes, do you mind if I join you? Feel my warmth, and let's drift off to sweet dreams together.

Karina: Forget about that! I'm never going to say something like that! My talk show is going to make your heart throb and melt!

Karina: So, be here for the first program tomorrow! Blue Rose's Midnight Ice Cream~

Guy: And that's a wrap!

Karina: Sigh...

Rose's Boss: That was great! Wonderful! Marvelous, my sweet Rose!

Karina: I guess.

Rose's Boss: Just hearing the commercial has gotten me excited!

Karina: Um, can I say something?

Rose's Boss: Sure, go ahead. What's on your mind?

Karina: I don't really understand the concept behind this show.

Rose's Boss: Huh?

Karina: What is this "Ice Fairy from the Ice Lagoon" thing?

Rose's Boss: What do you mean? It's, uh, something that fits the image of an idol... Just some creative license!

Karina: And what's with the "super sadist" and "feel my warmth"? That seems a little too far for an idol.

Rose's Boss: Ah, um, err...t-those are the things that fit your image.

Karina: Sigh...

Rose's Boss: Hey, y-you agreed to this. You said, "I'm not big on talk shows, but as long as all I have to do is read, I'll do it" so we went all out on it!

Karina: Yeah, I said that, but this is a little...

Rose's Boss: Come on, you're an idol, right? We need you to really commit to this too!

Karina: Are you calling me irrespons--

Rose's Boss: Well, that's it for the commercial recording! See you at the real thing!

Karina: Ah...

Karina: Blue Rose's Midnight Ice Cream~

Karina: Um...So! Let's begin our first segment! It's time for "Help Me, Blue Rose! Cutie Escape!"

She explains that a real time internet page is set up and she'll take the listener's questions and comments.

Karina: "It's weird, but I seem to mess up on everything I do lately. I don't have any motivation any more. So please verbally abuse me!" All right let's...wait, VERBALLY ABUSE you? Ah, um...thank you for your comment, let's move along.

Karina: "I am a pathetic excuse for a person. Please hurt me with your icey words!" Haa? Um. Please enjoy my new single, the ending theme for Hero TV: GO NEXT!!.

Rose's Boss: You're not supposed to play that yet, Rose! You can't just change things around like that! Just scold them if that's what they want.

Karina: [monotone] Shut up, you squealing pig.

Rose's Boss: Yes! Just like that!

Karina: What is this supposed to be?

Rose's Boss: What do you mean?

Karina: I thought this was supposed to be a typical segment, so give me some normal questions! "What's your favorite food" or "what made you decide to be a singer."

Rose's Boss: No one's interested in typical stuff like that. Your fans--

Karina: Having fans like these just makes everyone think I'm an idiot! I'm supposed to be a hero!

Rose's Boss: Enough! It is what it is! Forget about being a hero, you're also an idol to your fans! You should be happy you have fans instead of insulting them!

Karina: Huh? What did you say?! This from someone that came up with "make your heart throb and melt"? Talk about old fashioned! This isn't just a little bit dumb, it's totally stupid! And weren't you the one that wanted me to insult my fans?

Rose's Boss: Huh, wait. What are you trying to say, Rose?

Karina: And what's with the title "Midnight Ice Cream"? It's completely pointless and lame!

Rose's Boss: Look, all I'm saying, you agreed to all of this!

Karina: You keep on talking about responsibility, responsibility--well, it's not exactly easy being an idol! You should let me do this my way!

Rose's Boss: F-fine, do what you want.

Karina: You don't have to put it like that! You make it seem like I'm being selfish or something! It's not my fault, right? I almost want to cry...

Guy: Our guest has arrived! He'll be coming into the booth shortly!

Karina: Huh? Guest? No one told me about this!

Rose's Boss: Yes, it was supposed to be a surprise. That's why we didn't say anything. We called in Apollon Media's hero especially for this show.

Karina: H-huh?! W-w-w-wait! When you say Apollon's hero, do you mean--

Barnaby: Yes, it's me.

Karina: Huh?

Karina: Blue Rose's Midnight Ice Cream~

Karina: Oh. So it was you. Whatever.

Barnaby: Ahem. [stage whisper] We're on air.

Karina: Ahh, um, today, for our first show, we have a very special guest!

Barnaby: A pleasure.

Karina: I'm happy to introduce the man that was Apollon Media's new hero, Barnaby Brooks Jr.

Barnaby: [stage whisper] Present tense, not past.

Karina: Ah, uh, yeah.

Barnaby: I might be a strange thing to ask, but are you by any chance dissatisfied with my presence?

Karina: Ah, no...Um, actually, ah, I'm a bit relieved...?

Barnaby: I really had to make haste to make to it to your show, you know.

Karina: I...I guess you're right. I'm sorry.

Barnaby: I might be older than you in age, but you've been a hero for longer than me, so I really respect you.

Karina: Huh? Really?

Barnaby: Yes. I've heard about your new CD too. "Go Next", wasn't it? A great song.

Karina: O-oh, really? W-well, after this commercial break, please look forward to my talk with Mr. Brooks!

Guy: All right, that's it!

Karina: Sigh. [chugs down water] I think I had the wrong impression of you.

Barnaby: Wrong impression?

Karina: You bought my CD, right?

Barnaby: No, I didn't.

Karina: Oh, then you borrowed it?

Barnaby: No, I haven't.

Karina: But a few seconds ago, you said you had heard it!

Barnaby: I didn't say anything like that.

Karina: You lied?! That's horrible!

Barnaby: Please don't make baseless accusations. I said I'd heard about it, not bought it.*

Karina: What's that supposed to mean!?

Barnaby: I'm sure it would be nice if I listened to it, but I don't know anything about music except for classical music.

Karina: What's with that televisionly misleading comment!

Barnaby: This isn't television, it's radio.

Karina: Such a jerk...

Barnaby: It looks like the commercial break is nearly over.

Karina: [slight monotone] Yes, I'm here with guest Barnaby Brooks Jr. Mr. Brooks what do you like to do in your spare time?

Barnaby: Starting with that so suddenly, huh?

Karina: Your hobbies, please.

Barnaby: Well, let's see...I enjoy listening to music, especially classical. I also like opera.

Karina: [short burst of derisive laughter, then back to monotone] Oh, I see. Classical and opera, huh? My next question is--

Barnaby: What about you, Blue Rose?

Karina: H-huh? Me? What's this, all of a sudden?

Barnaby: What do you like to do in your spare time?

Karina: Um, well, I like spending time with my friends, and playing the piano.

Barnaby: Oh? You play the piano? How long have you been playing?

Karina: S-since I was a kid.

Barnaby: A child? How old were you?

Karina: I was still in kindergarten, so about five years old.

Barnaby: That must have been very difficult.

Karina: A-a little. It gave me self confidence, though.

Barnaby: Do you know any classical pieces?

Karina: Yes, I can play them, but--Huh? Why are we just talking about me? You're the guest, right?

Barnaby: Hm? Oh, you're right. But weren't you the one that said you wanted normal questions?

Karina: What?

Barnaby: You were angry over the script you were given and didn't want to do it, weren't you?

Karina: W-wait, hold it! What do you think you're doing?!

Barnaby: That's why you were arguing with the staff, if I'm not mistaken.

Karina: T-time for a song! Please enjoy the previously played, "Go NEXT"!

Karina: HEY!

Barnaby: What is it?

Karina: Not, "what is it"! What were you saying back there?!

Barnaby: I didn't say anything strange.

Rose's Boss: Hold it right there, Barnaby!

Karina: See? Look at how mad he is at you.

Barnaby: What can I do for you?

Rose's Boss: Can I please get your autograph?

Karina: Eh?

Rose's Boss: My son is a huge fan of yours! So I thought I should get it in case I forgot.

Karina: What?

Barnaby: I don't mind at all. Just tell me who I should make it out to.

Rose's Boss: Wow, so impressive, Barnaby! You're exactly the same as on TV! Unlike a certain SOMEONE.

Karina: Huh?!

Barnaby: [smug short laugh] A hero's image is important at times like these.

Karina: Sigh. I've thought about this before, but...don't you ever get tired of that?

Barnaby: Tired of what?

Karina: Hiding how you really feel and smiling fakely all the time?

Barnaby: It's not fake. It's all a part of my job.

Karina: Hm. It's impossible for me.

Barnaby: I noticed. Well, we have different ideas about what it means to be a hero.

Karina: Ideas? What's that supposed to mean.

Barnaby: That's something you need to figure out yourself.

Karina: You just keep on getting more and more irritating. I bet you don't have any friends.

Barnaby: Now that you mention it, someone else said that to me.

Karina: Oh? I think I like whoever that was.

Barnaby: You two aren't that dissimilar.

Karina: So who was it?

Barnaby: That explains why it's hard to get along with you.

Karina: Hey, who are you talking about?

Barnaby: The old man.

Karina: Old man?

Barnaby: Wild Tiger.

Karina: W-w-w-w-WILD TIGER?!

Barnaby: Hm? Is something wrong?

Karina: Ummm...

Barnaby: We've reached the end, haven't we?

Karina: T-that's right... Such a fun time is finally coming to an end. Listeners, did you enjoy Blue Rose's Midnight Ice Cream? I know there were some rough patches, but it wasn't bad for doing it alone--

Barnaby: I was here too.

Karina: O-oh yeah. A thank you to our special guest, Barnaby Brooks Jr!

Barnaby: Thank you very much for having me. May I say one last thing?

Karina: Yeah...I guess...

Barnaby: It's true that Blue Rose didn't want to follow the script, but I'm sure that it's because she wanted her true feelings to reach all you listeners. She put her heart into it. I just wanted to make that clear. Isn't that right?

Karina: Huh?

Barnaby: Isn't that right?

Karina: Ah...yes, that's right! I'll see you all next week, and this time I'll make sure everything goes smoothly. So look forward to it!

Barnaby: Oh, by the way, it looks like next week's guest is Wild Tiger.

Karina: HUH?! REALLY?!?

Barnaby: Just kidding.

Karina: Hah?!

Karina: Don't tell me, something's happened?

Barnaby: It appears it's a NEXT this time.

Karina: You're right. I'm not sure how much time we have left, but to all you listeners, don't turn off this station.

Barnaby: Yes, I'll be right there. [to Karina] Well, if you'll excuse me, I'll be leaving first.

Karina: Ahh, me too! I hope you'll all root for me on Hero TV! Let's meet again next week! "My ice is a little bit cold, but your crime has been put completely on hold!" Blue Rose, over and out!

Karina: Hey, do you have any more information? What about the girl?

Barnaby: You'll have to see for yourself.

Karina: Huh?

Barnaby: From here, we're rivals. Isn't that natural?

Karina: You're such a jerk!

Barnaby: You're still talking like that?

Karina: Well, you did help me a little with the radio program. I feel more serious about it. So thanks for today.

Barnaby: Please don't worry about it. It's not like saying that will improve my opinion.

Karina: That's not what I was trying to say.

Barnaby: Heh.

Karina: "Heh", my ass. Jerk.

Karina: Hey. you know how in situations like this, people don't usually get along at first, but then gradually grow closer?

Barnaby: Yes. So?

Karina: I'm never EVER going to feel that way towards you, just so you know!

Barnaby: I feel the same way.

Karina: I'll make sure the circumstances never ever come to that! If it does, I'll rip those flags to shreds myself!

Barnaby: Sounds great. I'm looking forward to it. See you.

Karina: Huh? Wait! You really are a total jerk!