Pao: It came so suddenly I was a little shocked. But, honestly, I was a little happy too. Because, I was always sort of jealous of Mr. Tiger and Mr. Barnaby's partnership. And my partner was supposed to THE famous Blue Rose! But...then, the next day, at the photoshoot...

Pao: The ocean?!

Agnes: Yep! Isn't the weather great? Perfect for a photoshoot!

Karina: But it's so hot...

Agnes: Come on, get serious! You need to act like an idol should!

Karina: I don't do well in the heat...I wanna get this over with and go home!

Pao: A-ah, um, Ms. Agnes...what sort of PV are we doing at the beach?

Agnes: We're planning on doing something about day-to-day life that you don't usually get from our female heroes. Beach volleyball, breaking watermelons[*], things like that. In short, pin ups.

Pao: Pin ups?! Ugh...that's the worst.

Agnes: Come on, don't be like that! After the shoot is done, we'll have a BBQ!

Pao: BBQ?! Yaay, yay!

Karina: That's what we'll be eating? Come on, give me a break, it's way too hot for BBQ...

Agnes: We need to get started. Get changed, you two.

Karina: Get changed into what? We're not using our hero suits?

Agnes: We've prepared a little something special.

Pao: It's...not a it?

Agnes: Of course not! Nothing that clingy and uncomfortable!

Pao: Thank goodness...

Karina: Beach volleyball and breaking watermelons is plenty uncomfortable...

Anges: The concept is: complete purity! We want the people seeing this on television to have a sense of "amour" towards the two of you.

Pao: Um, excuse me! What is this amour thingie?

Agnes: I guess, putting it simply, it's "love". You two are at the age where you must have at least a little bit of experience with it, right?

Karina & Pao: E-eh?

Agnes: What? You're telling me you both have zero experience with amour?

Karina: I-I guess I have one or two I can think of...

Pao: So you've done this amour thing, Blue Rose?

Karina: Huh? What? W-what wrong with that?

Pao: Hmmm? I see...

Agnes: All right, wait in the cottage over there, you two.

Pao: [So I guess everyone has done this amour something... Ah, me? I'd say it's more like...ah, I'm hungry.]

[munching sounds]

Karina: Dragon Kid? Dragon Kid?

Pao: [mouth full] 'ey!

Karina: Oh, so you were in the kitch--EHH? Hey, what are you eating?!

Pao: Mmmph, mmph, mmmmph!

Karina: What did you say?

Pao: "I'm not eating!"

Karina: You most certainly ARE! Hey, isn't this the chorizo for the BBQ?

Pao: I'm just having a little snack. Just ten of them!

Karina: Ten?! That's way too many!

Pao: It's not even close to being enough! I haven't eaten since yesterday!

Karina: I'm just saying...

Pao: How can you stand it, Blue Rose?

Karina: I'm on a diet. So I'm always picking the "zero calorie" option and such.

Pao: Huuh? You're going to make yourself sick! You have to eat properly!

Karina: It's fine, I don't really care if I do get sick. Why are we talking about this anyway? If Ms. Agnes finds out about this, she's going to be mad!

Pao: Please, let's keep it a secret!

Karina: I guess I have to. But that's it for you. No more eating.

Pao: It's because I practice martial arts every day!

Karina: Martial arts?

Pao: Wanna give it a try? It feels great!

Karina: I think I'll cheer from the sidelines.

Pao: Ah, in that case, let's practice until Ms. Agnes calls us!

Karina: Practice what?

Pao: The princess carry!

Karina: Huh? Why?!

Pao: Because that's what partners do, right? Mr. Tiger and Mr. Barnaby do it!

Karina: I don't think that's quite...

Pao: It's proof we're partners! All right, I'll be the one doing the carry!

Karina: I said no! I'm too heavy!

Pao: Oh... It was...kinda my dream.

Karina: Honestly, what's WITH this girl?

Anges: Thank you for waiting. You can change in the next room.

Karina: Ah, all right! Let's go, Dragon Kid.

Pao: Okay!

Agnes: You'll be wearing what's in these boxes.

Karina & Pao: Eh?!

Pao: We're wearing...this?

Agnes: We had these special ordered just for today!

Karina: But this is just some leaves and string.

Pao: And this is shells and seaweed...

Agnes: What?! That can't be right!

Karina: What is she supposed to do with that? Make miso soup?

Pao: Mmmm, miso soup. [slurping sound]

Karina: Stop drooling!

Agnes: This is Cain's fault. That scruffy little...he changed them!

Pao: There's something else here. What's this?

Agnes: Oh, they are there.

Karina: No way! These are just bathing suits!

Anges: Calling them swimsuits is an insult! Refer to them as "Heroic Swim Wear" if you please!

Karina: What's with that name..

Anges: This one is yours, Blue Rose.

Karina: What's with this, isn't it the wrong size?

Agnes: A super size "S" for our super "S"adistic Queen!

Karina: That's not funny!

Agnes: This one is yours, Dragon Kid. Isn't it adorable? Just look at all the frills!

Pao: U-ugh...

Karina: Don't you think that one looks like it's for a kindergartener?

Agnes: Of course not, it suits Dragon Kid perfectly!

Pao: Ewww, no way! No way I'm wearing that!

Agnes: Stop acting like a child! This is part of your job!

Karina: Don't tell me, this is why you had us starve ourselves!

Agnes: I had to make sure everything was out of those bellies of yours, didn't I?

Karina & Pao: Ehhhh?

Pao: This is gross...

Karina: What am I going to do...

Pao: I don't wanna wear that...

Anges: That's enough, you two! Just what do you think a hero is, anyway?!

Karina & Pao: Huh?

Agnes: Heroes are looked up to by all citizens! It's your duty to answer to their expectations!

Karina: Like swimsuits have anything to do with THAT!

Pao: That's right! I HATE swimsuits!


Karina: Why are we always the ones that have to suffer like this?

Agnes: My, I think your laboring under a wrong impression.

Karina: Eh? Wait, why are you taking off your clothes--whaaa?

Pao: M-Ms. Agnes is wearing Heroic Swim Wear...

Agnes: So, how do I look?

Karina: How do you look? What's with that design? You're practically naked!

Agnes: coming to the beach in a blouse and skirt is an insult to the ocean in the summer! Anyway, I'm wearing one too, so get over your embarassment and put them on!

Karina & Pao: ...fiiine.

Pao: Um, Ms. Blue Rose? I can't figure out which is the top or bottom of my Hero Wear.

Karina: It's the one in that hand.

Pao: Thanks!

Karina: Ah, it's not that I really care, but hurry up and put it on already.

Pao: Huh? Why?

Karina: "Why"? Like I said, it's not that I care, but...

Pao: Hey, how do I put this on?

Karina: You don't even know how to do that?

Pao: I've...never worn something like this.

Karina: All right, hand it over. I'll help you out with it.

Pao: Uh-wah? [starts laughing] Quit it, that tickles!

Karina: I'm almost done, so just deal with it!

Pao: [still laughing] I can't take it any more!

Karina: Hey, stop moving! [Pao settles down] All right, you can do the rest yourself.

Pao: Thank you! Hmmmm...

Karina: Whoa! Don't pat my boobs all of a sudden!

Pao: If you never eat, why are they so big?

Karina: Are you mocking me?

Pao: Huh?

Karina: [sighs] Just seeing Ms. Agnes's body makes me feel miserable.

Pao: If we're talking about that, I'm not that way at all...

Karina: You still have room to grow.

Pao: But I'm tiny! So short!

Karina: Ah, you thought we were talking about that?

Pao: So I'm going to keep on practicing and get stronger! I have to do my best to protect the city! And...I have to do it for my mom and dad too. They're rooting for me.

Karina: Oh... [smiles] You're really impressive, Dragon Kid. Much more than me.

Pao: No, that's not true at all! Blue Rose is everyone's idol!

Karina: Idol, huh. [sighs] Maybe I should try a little harder at my training too.

Pao: Ah! Wanna spar together?!

Karina: Ah, um, I guess. Maybe next time.

Pao: Yaaaay! Okay, it's a promise! A promise!

Karina: Yep, that's right. I promise.

[Pao giggles]

Pao: I'm so excited! I can't believe I'll get to spar with Blue Rose!

Karina: You can call me Karina.

Pao: Eh?

Karina: We're partners. So, can I call you Pao-Lin? It'll help us bond together better, For at least as long this partnership is supposed to last, okay?

Pao: Yeah!

Karina: Sounds good, Pao-Lin!

Pao: Let's do our best, Karina!

Karina: Okay, bond complete!

Pao: Let's go, everyone's probably waiting for us!

Karina: Ah, wait!

Karina: Ta-dah!

Pao: Ah-ah, what is that?! It looks like a tiny sausage!

Karina: It's for your lips. Why would I carry around a tiny sausage?!

Pao: But it's the same color...

Karina: I think this shade of pink would suit you perfectly, that's why I brought it!

Pao: Ah?

Karina: Why don't we try it on?

Pao: No thanks! I don't like that sort of stuff!

Karina: Come on, just a little bit! Sit down! I'll do it for you!

[Pao makes an uncomfortable noise]

Pao: [Karina looked so pretty as she applied it to my lips. It was almost like she was sparkling.]

Karina: Okay! Wow, it's sooo cute! Just perfect! Let's go!

[Karina runs off]

Pao: [I don't know why, but my heart was pounding like it never had before.]

Agnes: That look on your face...that's "amour".

Pao: Ms. Agnes, you were there?!

Anges: You guys looked so close, I didn't want to spoil the scene by calling out.

Pao: Um, just said "amour"...

Anges: Don't worry so much. You were looking at Blue Rose so intently. Even if she isn't a boy, you can still fall for her, you know?

Pao: I was looking at Karina?

Anges: Come on, we have to start the shoot.

Karina: My bathing suit is a little bit wild...

Pao: My bathing suit makes me look like a child...

Karina & Pao: But your eyes have been put completely on hold!

Agnes: Cut! Great! With this, the Rose & Dragon duo is a sure success!

Karina: Success at getting us to wear swimsuits...

Agnes: Stop obsessing over details!

Pao: Are we finished?

Anges: Yes. Good job! You two worked hard! Now, let's have our BBQ!

Pao: Yaaaay!

Karina: Maybe I'll eat a little something too...

Anges: Oh, what's this from the person that was complaining about a BBQ earlier?

Karina: It'd be bad if I got sick...right, Pao-Lin?

Pao: Yep-yep!

Anges: Just be honest for once. Oh? This is odd. I thought I bought more chorizo than this.

Pao: Ah!

Anges: What is it, Dragon Kid?

Pao: Um, well...actually...

Karina: [trying to cover for her] Ahhh, hey, wasn't Pao-Lin really cute today?!

Pao: Eh?

Karina: I'm the one that chose her lipstick!

Agnes: Yes, it looks wonderful.

Pao: N-no, that's not true! Karina is much, much

Karina: What's wrong, Pao-Lin? You're bright red!

Pao: No, ah, um!

Karina: You're so weird!

Pao: [Why won't my heart stop pounding? I guess this really is my first...amour.]

Anges: All right, let's eat us some meat! Meat!

Karina: Ahh, my stomach is growling! You must be hungry too, Pao-Lin! What do you want to eat?

Pao: I'm fine. I don't have much of an appetite.

Karina: Huh? That's not like you, Pao-Lin... Are you feeling okay?

Agnes: She's not sick. Her heart is just too full right now for anything else. That's what "amour" is, after all!

Karina: No way! You've got a horrible fever, Pao-Lin!

Agnes: Fever?!

Karina: The heat might have affected her!

Agnes: So, what you're saying's not amour?

Karina: Are you listening to me, Ms. Agnes?!

Agnes: Yes! Let's call an ambulance!

Karina: I can't wait for an ambulance! I'm taking her to the hospital!

Agnes: What? Dressed like that?!

Karina: It doesn't matter what I'm dressed in! She's precious! She's my first ever partner!

[Agnes gasps]

Agnes: Okay. I'm trusting you with her!

Karina: Leave it to me. Okay, listen Pao-Lin, I'm going to try to cool you down with some of my ice until we reach the hospital!

Pao: [I wa really a burden that day. I'm sorry, everyone. And thank you, Karina. After some rest, I made a full recovery. I know I said this before, but I really do hate the summer. But, you was really fun going to the beach with them! So I want to go again! This time with Mr. Tiger, Mr. Barnaby, Mr. Sky High, Mr. Fire Emblem, and Mr. Origami Cyclone! Oh, wait...there was one other person, wasn't there? What was his name again?]