FE: Hello, the idol of the men around the world speaking, Fire Emblem! Listen, the editorial department of the Monthly Hero came up with a certain project proposal the other day. The eight Heroes are supposed to temporarily assume the role of the editor in chief and put together a special issue. A pretty tall order, don't you think? That said, it's brainstorming time, everybody!

FE: Alright, so I, Fire Emblem, am going to act as the head of the meeting. I'm glad to see you all here.

Heroes: Yes, sir!

FE: Let's start with the requested individual articles. We're going to make the most exciting special issue ever that will shake up whole Hero business!

BR: Before we get to that, can I say something, boss?

FE: Yes, Blue Rose?

BR: Why on Earth do we have to hold a meeting while dressed in our Hero suits?

FE: Because it helps with creative inspiration. We're working on a Monthly Hero issue after all.

BR: But they get in the way when we're indoors. These drills for example.

Antonio: Huh?

FE: Rock Bison, your shoulder drills are annoying the other members. Kindly put them away.

Antonio: Oh, sorry.

BR: T-they are retractable!?

Antonio: That's right! But anyway, who would have thought that one day I'll get to act as an editor in chief! Continuing being a Hero has its perks, I guess. Right, Sky High?

SH: Yes, and we can even freely choose what we want in our articles. It's a fulfilling, and again, an enriching experience!

FE: Sorry about calling you here on your practice day, Dragon Kid.

DK: It's okay. This too is a part of my job.

FE: Alright everybody, let's start by presenting the ideas that you all came up with. If anybody will have something to add, don't hesitate to speak up.

Heroes: Right!

FE: Blue Rose, you first.

BR: Right. Er, I would like to introduce the fashion trends that are currently popular among the young girls. I also thought it might be fun to release and market some Blue Rose accessories created in collaboration with the famous brands.

FE: Hmm.

Antonio: Just what one would expect from the super idol of the Hero business.

FE: A fool-proof plan, that.

DK: Awesome! I'd have never thought about something like this.

SH: Wonderful, and again, wonderful!

BR: Really!? I'm so happy!

FE: Keep it up, everybody! Dragon Kid, you're next.

DK: Right! Um, I've been thinking about making a gourmet special!

FE: Gourmet?

DK: Yeah! Sternbild is full of little known but fantastic establishments! Yakiniku restaurants, Chinese food, sushi bars, Chinese food, cakeries and oh yeah, Chinese food and-

FE: Alright, hold on a second!

FE:...Dragon Kid.

DK: Yes?

FE: You just named the foods that you want to eat, didn't you? Chinese cuisine in particular.

DK: Erk! Ehhh, uh... Haha, was it that obvious? Åc.So, no good?

SH: Wonderful, and again, wonderful!

Heroes: What.

SH: I would like to visit those establishments and tell them ÅgThank you for the wonderful foodÅh!

Antonio: What sort of a proclamation is that? I mean, everybody says that all the time.

BR: But food interests pretty much everybody, so I think it's a good idea.

OC: I totally agree, de gozaru!

Antonio: You're here as well, Origami?

OC: I... I've been here since the beginning.

FE: You don't have to keep your photobombing shtick during the meetings as well! Hurry up and present your proposal.

OC: I desire to make a ninja special, de gozaru.

FE: A ninja special.

>(OC recites kabuki-style here, something about wooden bears and tall wooden clogs.)

BR: Does that really have anything to do with ninjas?

OC: Indeed!

DK: I see!

Antonio: I don't think it does.

DK: I see...

OC: Ahh, I've been thinking about it so much I barely get any sleep! Shu shu shu...

FE: But this is just your personal hobby!

OC: A-ah!? ...So, no good, then...

SH: Wonderful, and again, wonderful!

Heroes: What!?

FE: Wait a sec, Sky High-chan! So far you have done nothing but agreeing with everybody, so please put some thought into what you're saying!

SH: I-I'm sorry. I will refrain from making comments then.

FE: Now, no need to go to other extreme.

SH: No, I must. My rash remarks have hurt the feelings of everybody here.

BR: I-it's nothing like that! I too think a ninja special is a good idea!

DK: Y-yeah, me too!

SH: Really!?

Antonio: Well, it suits Origami, I guess.

SH: Alright, then please hear out my idea! I'm proposing something that has never been here before, the King of Ideas!

Antonio: It already sounds amazing.

DK: What it is, what it is?

SH: A special feature about John!

Heroes: John!?

SH: My dog!

Heroes: Oh...

SH: John is an angel. He brings comfort to me every day. Did you know that in human years he would be sixty years old already?

FE: Oh really. No, we didn't.

BR: Who cares about that?

SH: Eh?

Antonio: How about broadening it up and making a pet special then?

SH: A pet special... I haven't thought about that.

BR: Normal people would've started there first, you know.

SH: But I really want to make a special about John-

FE: So it's a pet special! Is everybody in agreement?

Heroes: Yeah!

SH:... If that's what everybody wants, then okay....

FE: Rock Bison, you're next.

Antonio: I propose a special about the man's body. A commentary about the effective training regimens and the best ways how to bring out the muscles!

BR: The best way-

FE: Hold it, hold it! That's almost the same thing as I'm writing about!

Antonio: You serious?

BR: What? What do you intend to make, boss?

FE: A surprise body check! Stripping the city's hot studs of their clothes and making a birthday suit special feature.

BR: In the buff!? No way!

DK: What does Ågin the buffÅh mean?

Antonio: You don't have to know yet.

OC: Rock Bison's idea suddenly sounds really good, doesn't it.

FE: Oh come on! At least Sky High-chan agrees with me, right?

SH: I'm afraid I don't.

FE: Why is my idea the only one that you have to disagree with!?

SH: Exposing oneself on the streets is illegal!

FE: Oh fine! I suspected something like this would happen so I prepared a plan B as well.

BR: Plan B?

FE: A biographical feature about Fire Emblem passionately in love!

Heroes: Eh..?

Antonio: Wait, you don't mean..?

FE: Don't worry, it just a heartwarming tale about school love. A rugby scrum half McEnroy called me out to the audiovisual room...

ME: Um... Nathan, do you.... Uh, do you have a boyfriend?

Nathan: Well, there's somebody I like, yes.

ME: Oh nooo!

Nathan: And he's right next to me.

ME: Nathan...

Nathan: McEnroy...

ME: Nathan!

Nathan: McEnroy!

BR: A maiden in love is awesome!

FE: Er, wait-

DK: It's adorable!

OC: Agreed, de gozaru!

FE: No, wait-

SH: Wonderful, and again, wonderful!

Antonio: Okay, so we have decided on the themes. Let's take a break now!

Heroes: Yeah!

FE: Hmph, I swear they did it on purpose. Just you wait, I'm going to tell you the whole story one day.

FE: Alright, so let's start with second part of the meeting. The topic of discussion is what should be the free add-on to the special issue.

BR: How about a Hero-special make-up pouch?

FE: Not the worst idea, but not something that men would be interested in.

Antonio: Then how about some protein supplements?

FE: You really don't understand women. Look, we have to come up with something that will appeal to both sexes.

DK: Ramen!

FE: Food is out of the question.

OC: A bonsai!

FE: Bulky things are also out of the question!

SH: Something that will appeal to both sexes, isn't food and isn't bulky... Photos of John!

FE: John is out of the question.

Heroes: Hmmmm.

FE: What's with this heavy atmosphere? Sigh, I wish Handsome were here. He definitely would have some constructive ideas.

BR: Speaking of which, why aren't Tiger and Barnaby attending the meeting?

FE: The two of them are busy shooting a drama series.

BR: A drama series?

FE: Yes, a drama serial with them starring in the main roles.

OC: A drama serial, huh. Those two sure have made it big...

BR: What's up with that, anyway? And he could've at least told us about it, that idiot.

SH: A drama serial... They must feel so accomplished these days. I too wish I could have said my lines back then...

Heroes: What?

SH: I was standing in the back alley, completely alone... It was so lonely.

FE: Are you still hung up about that?

DK: What are you talking about?

Antonio: We have tried to throw a birthday surprise for Barnaby once before.

OC: Oh, I've heard about that.

BR: A robbery incident has occurred though, so it all ended in failure. And Sky High was the one most excited about it too.

SH: It's alright. It's in the past now... all in the past....

FE: I've just got a fantastically fiery idea!

Heroes: What!

FE: How about we make an audio drama, with the six of us acting there?

Antonio: An audio drama?

FE: And Sky Hiiigh-chan will play the main role!

BR: Good idea!

DK: Sounds fun!

SH: Me, playing the main role?...Um, I don't know if I can...

OC: None of us can put as much energy in their acting as Sky High-san, de gozaru!

SH: Ah...! Thank you, and again, thank you very much!

BR: So, what it is gonna be about?

FE: Well... Sky High-chan, is there any role that you would like to try?

SH: I have given it a lot of thought and I think I would really like to play a villain at least once.

Antonio: I knew it. That role back then was perfect for him.

OC: I want to see Sky High play a villain!

DK: Since we're doing it anyway, let's give that drama some flair!

FE: A drama with flair, you say...

BK: By flair you mean a sci-fi or-

Antonio: A fantasy drama could be interesting too!

OC: Personally, I would like something ninja-themed.

DK: I want action!

FE: No consensus here, I see. Now what?

SH: The solution is obvious! Let's incorporate all those elements!

FE: All of them!?

SH: It's a special issue, so there's no need to worry about the excess.

BR: So in other words we're making a ninja action sci-fi fantasy?

Heroes: Hmmm.

Antonio: I think something's wrong here.

FE: Well, let's try imagining it anyway.

Heroes: Ugh.

SH: Mwahaha! People of the universe, who live on farms! I am the emperor of evil, the one who makes even crying children fall silent, Dark Sky High! From this day on the universe is mine!

FE: Hold it right there.

SH: You!

Antonio: We won't let you get away with this, Dark Sky High!

BR: We will protect these rice plants!

DK: And the future of the universe as well!

SH: So you have appeared, the protectors of the universe and all rice fields, the defenders of justice, Justice Five! And I can see you hiding in that scarecrow's shadow, Origami Cyclone!

OC: Oh no, I've been found out!

FE: The fate of humanity depended on that Origami's strategy!

BR: It failed!?

DK: What are we going to to!? There's no way we can win against Dark Sky High otherwise!

Antonio: It's all over...

SH: This is the end! And you're through! Dark Skyyyy Hiiigh!

Justice Five: Ahhhh!

SH: And thus the universe has met its end and the rice fields have fallen into my hands. The next victim could be you!

Heroes: Hmm.

SH: So, what do you all think?

SH:...I'm sorry. I will refrain from ad-libbing from now on.

FE: It's great!

Antonio: That's right! The King of Drama!

DK: Sky High is a genius!

BR: He really is! I might even respect him!

OC: Wonderful, and again, wonderful, de gozaru!

SH: Everyone... Alright! Let us make the best special issue in history!

Heroes: Yes!

Alarm clock: Sky High, wake up and again, wake up! Sky High, wake up and again, wake up!

SH: Oh, I was dreaming...

FE: Right in the middle of the meeting to boot!

BR: Did you fall asleep while imagining the drama special content?

SH: Eh?

FE: At this rate this meeting will never end!

Antonio: Is there any real point to this meeting?

DK: I'm hungry.

OC: I should check when the last train is leaving.

BR: I want to go home already.

FE: And thus the Hero meeting dragged on and on. I can't take it anymore!