S.B.P.D. Precinct No. 8

Narrator: Located near the slums of the downtown Sternbild is the Precinct No.8 of the Sternbild Police Department. With their conspicuously high arrest rate they strike fear even into the hearts of the most notorious criminals operating in this district teeming with crime, and the evildoers tremble before them like frogs before a snake.

Yes, such is the detective team that has been assembled there. But now a new detective has been assigned into this den and little do they know of the tremendous impact that his arrival will bring. Did somebody call me!?

B: Handsome. Please call me Handsome.

Agnes: That's for us to decide. Right, so your nickname will be Riders. Or you can be Between, so pick whichever strikes your fancy more.

B: So I am to understand that I only have two options to choose from?

Agnes: Can't say I like your habit of answering a question with another question.

B: Very well, let us go with Riders then.

Agnes: That's more like it, Riders. By the way, it seems somebody has worked some magic on your past records, since they are completely blank. But, well, I suppose I can overlook a few things.

Riders: I appreciate it. Thank you.

Agnes: Alright then. So, allow me to welcome you to the Precinct No.8, Barnaby Brooks, no, Detective Riders. My name is Agnes Joubert and I'm the chief of this department. Nice to meet you.

Riders: My pleasure.

Agnes: The man flying over there is a detective nicknamed Sky High, while that labeled seat belongs to the woman of ice, Detective Blue Rose. Then there are also detectives Fire and Dragon, and one Ori-something guy. Anyway, there's a lot of us here.

Riders: Understood. I shall take a closer look if such a chance arises.

Agnes: Do you have any questions?

Riders: Where am I supposed to sit? Well, I guess this place looks like it's available.

Agnes: Ah, that's...! That's Rock Bison's-

K: Hey. Who said that you can sit there?

Riders: ...Hm?

K: So, it's you? You're my new partner?

Riders: And you are?

Agnes: He's our ace, a capable and hard-boiled detective nicknamed Detective Boiled Tiger. But it's kind of long, so feel free to call him whatever you like.

Riders: Nice to meet you, Boiled. I am Riders and from this day onward we shall be working together. Due to certain circumstances I am forced to keep my background secret, but I believe that many things will become very clear before long.

Boiled: Tch, a newbie that's still wet behind the ears. To make things short, let me tell you this: there's no way in hell that I'll ever acknowledge you.

Narrator: As you can imagine, the rookie detective Riders and the veteran Boiled started off rough. But behind Riders, who makes a name for himself when he manages to capture one particularly dangerous and notorious underwear thief by making himself the bait, quiet and fragile trust begins to sprout within Boiled. But amongst that, a terrible incident makes its appearance. Next on S.B.P.D. Precinct No. 8: Episode 5: Blending Shadows.

And so, the stopped clock has begun to tick. Look forward to more arresting developments next week!

Narrator: Having solved the underwear thievery incident, during which a mind-boggling amount of underwear has been stolen, Boiled and Riders are enjoying a brief rest. But then, a money transport vehicle gets stolen right before their eyes. Their pursuit then turns into a car chase, during which by-the-book Boiled tries to lure the target away by using his magnificent driving technique, but Riders, who is tired of waiting, makes a certain proposal. But just what is his real motive...?

Riders: Boiled, after you turn the next corner increase the speed and bring us right behind his car.

Boiled: Right...Wait, what are you trying to do, rookie?

Riders: Let's just say that I've got an idea.

Boiled: Fine, let's see what you can do.

Boiled: W-wait, what are you thinking, hanging out of the window like that?!

Riders: Keep being so timid and it'll be nothing but a half-baked tease!

Riders: Game over. Step out with your hands over your head.

Criminal: Fuck! I was so close!

Riders: Heh, I like you, baby. Now Boiled, if you would.

Boiled. Right. You were arrested at 19:10, for the crime of committing a robbery.

Criminal: Damn, those guys are tough.

Boiled: ...You're really something, Riders.

Riders: This is the first time you've called me by that name.

Boiled: Well, I guess... Anyway, you sure are quick to ignore the theory. Where on Earth did you learn that?

Riders: It's nothing special. I just don't like half-baked dawdling around.

(Bison: You sure like your half-baked dawdling.)

(Boiled: I'm telling you this for your own good!)

(Bison: My own good, my ass! You weren't like that when you were younger.)

(Boiled: Don't change the subject! I'm just saying you should be more careful. Keep going like that and you'll dig your own grave one day.)

(Bison: If so, then I guess I'll have to force you to accompany me.)

(Boiled: Keep dreaming, moron.)

Riders: Is something wrong?

Boiled: Huh? Oh no, I just kinda remembered some things.

Riders: Thinking about what you were like in your younger days?

Boiled: Anyway, you're one fine detective, Riders. I guess I can disappear without any regrets...

Riders: What was that just now..?

Boiled: Ah, it was nothing. See ya, Riders.

Riders: Please, wait! Boiled!

Agnes: I suggest you don't get involved with him any deeper, Riders.

Riders: Chief!?

Agnes: I saw some of what happened just now. I was in a taxi that was passing here by chance.


Agnes: I have decided that you shouldn't be his partner anymore. Believe me, it's for your own good. Also, it's a direct order.

Narrator: And then, Boiled disappeared without a trace in order to settle things from his past once and for all. But at the same time, Riders, who himself hides many secrets, searches for him on a bicycle, even though he knows he is going against direct orders.

Next on S.B.P.D. Precinct No. 8: Episode 8: Crossing Fates and Cow-chasing Blues.

Look forward to more arresting developments next week!

S.B.P.D. Precinct No. 8

Narrator: Ignoring Agnes' repeated attempts to contact him, Boiled continued his independent investigation of a certain incident. After getting a tip about the dealings of a certain organization connected to his past, Boiled rushes to the pinpointed location in the Sternbild Bay. But one man stands in his path.

Riders: Gh! You're planning to go in alone, aren't you!?

Boiled: Riders!? Why are you here!?

Riders: Ben, that information dealer, told me that you're “following something huge”.

Boiled: I see...

Riders: (coughing) What on Earth are you doing!?

Boiled: I'm sorry, but this something I have to deal with by myself. I have to bring it to the end with my own hands.

Riders: Please, wait! You are trying to avenge your former partner's Rock Bison death, aren't you?!

Boiled: H-how do you know that..!?

Riders: Tell me, Boiled. What happened to him then?

Boiled: I don't want to get you involved-

Riders: How can you say that! I'm your partner, no matter what!

Boiled: !

Boiled: Riders...

Riders: An infiltration?

Boiled: Yeah. It was his own idea.

Riders: Oh no...

Boiled: Those guerrila-like terrible crimes that are happening every day, the organization behind them is the mafia that has this city in its grip. And the one who got a lead on them was my partner, Rock Bison. Deciding to eliminate them, he infiltrated the group while wearing a cowboy getup.

Riders: But why alone? ...And why in that outfit?

Boiled: He wanted our Chief, no, Agnes to acknowledge him.

(Bison: Haiyooo! Haiyooo!)

(Boiled: Is this some kind of a joke!? Don't tell you're planning to go there alone!)

(Bison: Yeah, I do. If I manage to smash them, I intend to propose to Agnes.)

(Boiled: Wait, damn you! Shit, I can't move when I'm tied up by this whip!)

(Bison: Don't take it personally, Boiled. See ya.)

(Bison: Haiyoo)

(Boiled: Rock Bison! Rock Bison!!)

Boiled: And that was the last time I've seen him alive. The next day, he returned full of holes like a beehive.

Riders: (sigh) So this is what happened...

Boiled: A bear-like guy turned into a beehive... Pretty dark humor, don't you think?

Riders: Boiled...

Boiled: If only I knew the escape techniques back then-!

Riders: !

Boiled: If the crime rate drops then the burden on Agnes will become lighter too. When I think about it, there's no way I could have stopped him.

Riders: ...I knew it. I knew you weren't the type to abandon your partner.

Boiled: Huh?

Riders: I am glad you're indeed the person my brother talked about.

Boiled: Brother?... Wait, that drill-! That's Rock Bison's!

Riders: Bzzzz. It's a memento. Forgive me for keeping it secret from you for so long. Detective Rock Bison was my older brother.

Boiled: !!

Boiled: So that's why you hid your background... I must be growing senile if I managed to overlook something so obvious.

Riders: Hah! Well then, let us get going. We don't have much time.

Boiled: Wait, didn't I tell you-

Riders: I told you something as well. I am your “partner”. Wherever it is, we'll go together. Including the grave, understood?

Boiled: Riders...!

Agnes: So that's what happened... Once again, I was passing by in a taxi and happened to overhear your conversation. But now, I'm not here as your chief, but simply as one woman. I'm counting on you two. Avenge my Antonio!

Boiled: Alright, let's go, partner. Let's boil wildly!

Narrator: Accepting each other's past, the two of them rushed into action, carrying the memento drill with them. Can they really close the mafia's shop and survive? Next on S.B.P.D. Precinct No.: The Decisive Battle.

The bovine murmur fades in the end. Look forward to more arresting developments next week!

S.B.P.D. Precinct No. 8

Narrator: Having crushed numerous branches of the mafia and obtained over 200 guns, the two of them have broken into the organization's HQ. But the enemy's power was overwhelming, and now the two of them are standing back to back, completely surrounded. There's no escape. But in the end, their fate is...

Riders: No good! I'm out of ammunition!

Boiled: Me too, Riders!

Riders: But you know, I actually have pretty amazing powers! I just normally keep them secret!

Boiled: Whaaat!? Actually, I got the exactly same powers just yesterday!

Boss: What are you two...! I might have turned Rock Bison into a beehive, but I've heard nothing about some hidden powers. Just you wait, your turn will come soon enough!

Boss: Oh no, the whole gang has been defeated at once!!

Boiled: It's over, right, Riders?

Riders. Yes. It's over, Boiled. Everything's over. We erased everything without a trace.

Boiled: Was this really for the best...?

Bison: Boiled, Barnaby, thank you.

Riders: !

Riders: Boiled, I think I heard my brother's voice just now...

Boiled: You must be hearing things.

Riders: That must be it.

Bison: Oh, but you're not! Haha, you know-

Boiled: So, let's head back.

Bison: Eh?

Boiled: Our comrades are waiting for us.

Bison: Wait, don't! Wait!

Riders: Right! Let's go, Boiled!

Bison: Noo! Don't ignore me! Heeey! Nooo!

Narrator: Once great mafia organization was completely destroyed and peace has returned to the city of Sternbild. But for Riders and Boiled Tiger, their battle has just begun. Amongst the programs plagued by low ratings, this one has started enjoying a peculiar popularity and due to certain adult circumstances the continuation was made.

That's right, their fight is not over. Not as long as there are those who love. Not until peace returns to the universe.

Next on the new program: Galactic Detective Boiled Rider! Look forward to it!

Bison: Stop ignoring me!

Kotetsu: Oh, you're still here?