Tiger & Bunny Special Audio Drama: Kaede's Research Project ìOur Heroesî

Kaede: This story happened when dad quit working as a Hero and we lived together at home.

Currently, I'm working on my summer independent research project. The topic is ìOur Heroesî, and after I interview all the Heroes my work will be done. Let's start with dad.

K: ìOur Heroesî, you say! That's an awesome theme, Kaede! Just ask whatever you want and Daddy will fully cooperate!

Kaede: Alright, then I have a question for former Wild Tiger: What was hard for you when you were working as a Hero?

K: Hmmm.... I guess the fact that Heroes have their age limits. Just like sportsmen, you know.

Kaede: It kinda sounds like you have no dreams whatsoever.

K: Also, when it comes right down to it, Heroes are salarymen after all. One can't disobey one's sponsors.

Kaede: Hold it, there are kids in my class that want to become Heroes. There has to be something better you could tell them.

K: No worries, anybody can become a hero as long as it's in their heart.

Kaede: What? Yeah, right.

K: You just don't get it! Heroes are not special or anything.

Kaede: Dad, you're lame! You just have an inferiority complex because you had to retire.

K: Gh-! How can you say that, Kaede!

Kaede: And I tried so hard when making it too... I'm not giving it to you!

K: W-ha- What are you talking about...?

Kaede: I'm going to collect the interviews!

K: Wait, Kaede, we're not done talking yet-!

Kaede: Haa!

K: Ww-wha....!?

K: She...disappeared...

Kaede: Okay, let's forget about dad. I, Kaburagi Kaede, have copied the warp power of the old lady from the candy store and arrived to Sternbild. Now I'm off to interview the other Heroes. First stop: the training center!

Kaede: I know that you're busy, so thank you for making time for me. Well then, my first question is for Sky High.

SH: Feel free to ask me anything.

Kaede: At the present time, do you have a lover?

SH: Haha, that's a rather personal question.

Origami: A formidable interviewer, do gozaru.

Kaede: Hehe, just say as much as you feel comfortable with.

SH: Hmm. Well, there's somebody I like.

Kaede&Origami: Really!?

SH: I don't know where she is or what she's doing, but I'm doing my best and I want to believe that she's watching me on TV.

Kaede: That sounds wonderful. The next question is for Origami Cyclone: Have you ever been on TV, but nobody noticed?

OC: I wonder... I'd like to think something like that has never happened though. My job is being seen by people after all.

Kaede: Hehehe. The ìFind Origamiî game is pretty popular in my class, you know.

OC: I'm so honored, de gozaru!

Kaede: And now a question for the both of you: What was the most painful moment of your Hero career?

SH: Painful, you say... I suppose for me it was the time when I was temporarily in a slump. Heroes are people too, so maintaining the top form 24/7 can be pretty hard.

OC: Er, for me it was when I was getting flamed on my blog. We're working in a business where popularity means a lot, and I really got to hear all kinds of opinions then.

Kaede: I shall remember that!

OC: Your father helped me a lot then.

Kaede: Dad!? Oh really.

OC: He really was a wonderful Hero.

Kaede: Oh, not at all. After he retired he's been doing nothing but loafing around at home. So lame!

SH: Haha, I see. I suppose in your eyes he doesn't look that great.

Kaede: Oh, thank you for the interview. I'd like to give you a present to express my gratitude.

SH&OC: Huh?

Kaede: ìTestimonial: Sky High.î

SH: A testimonial?

Kaede: ìYour patrols are very much appreciated. Your efforts allow everybody to feel safe in their everyday lives. You are indeed the King of Heroes. Please do your best to protect the peace of the city from now on as well. Kaburagi Kaede.î

SH: What a wonderful message... Thanks, and th-

Kaede: Okay, next!

SH: Eh?

Kaede: ìTestimonial: Origami Cyclone.î

OC: Ah, yes!

Kaede: ìI didn't really realize it at first, but seeing you photobombing and saving people lately made me think that you are actually a pretty capable and amazing person. I am looking forward to seeing you on TV from now on as well. Kaburagi Kaede.î

OC: Ahaha... Thank you for the wonderful testimonial...

Kaede: Well then, the other Heroes are waiting for me, so thanks for everything.

OC: This is something that one should treasure forever, right? ...Um, is something wrong?

SH: I didn't get to finish my thanks...

OC: O-oh...

Kaede: Alright, the next interview is in the fundoshi club!

N: Oh my, your butt feels kind of stiff. You have been feeling quite tired recently, am I right?

A: Hey, I'm telling you to stop that! We have a kid here!

K: Um, can we get on with the question?

N: But of course. Please don't mind us.

K: Right... A question for Fire Emblem then: What was the most memorable incident for you?

N: Oh, that's one nice question. Okay, I shall be frank: it was the last summer of high-school...

A: Gh!? Wait, you can't mean-!?

N: Studying....abroad....?

McEnroe: I'm sorry!

N: I will wait for you. No matter how long will it take!

McEnroe: You mustn't! You are going to meet so many wonderful people from now on! There's no way I can shackle your future!

N: Oh, McEnroe...!

McEnroe: (sob) Adios!

N: McEnroe!

Antonio: And so we ended up hearing it all...

Kaede: How sad...

N: As long as he's happy, it's okay. Kaede, sooner or later you too will understand both the sweetness and the bitterness of the first love.

Kaede: Right!

A: Okay, feel free to start asking me. Ask me whatever you want!

Kaede: Oh, I'm sorry, but the other people are waiting for me, so...

A: Wha!? It's all because you talked too long!

N: Hmm, my deepest fiery apologies. But more importantly Kaede, is your papa doing well?

Kaede: Like I care!

N: My, things seem stormy over there.

A: Did you have a fight or something?

Kaede: That's...

N: That man is as awkward as ever, it seems.

A: He doesn't mean anything bad by it, you know.

Kaede: Wha?

N: Anyway, you don't have much time, right?

Kaede: Yeah. Well, here's a present for you two.

Kaede: ìTestimonial: Fire Emblem. Clad in the all-red suit, you are really cool and strong, but there are some cute aspects too. Protecting the city and managing the establishment must be difficult, but you have my full support. Kaburagi Kaede.î

N: Please don't, I'm not good with these things (sob).

A: Come on! You're a guy, so what's with the weeping!

Kaede: And now for Rock Bison.

A: Right!

Kaede: Err... It's gone!

A: What!?

Kaede: I'm sure I prepared one...

A: Haha, I think I knew it. I mean, that's how things usually go for me.

Kaede: Ah, here it is!

Kaede: ìTestimonial: Rock Bison. Thank you for your efforts until now. Your work usually isn't particularly distinguishing, but I know that when things really go south you shield and protect everyone. I think you are the most manly of Heroes. Allow me to continue being your fan in the future as well. Kaburagi Kaede.î

A: Waahhh!

N: So what was that about men and crying, huh?

Kaede: Well then, thank you very much!

A: (sob) Thanks, Kaede! Now I feel like I'll be able to do my best even ten years from now on!

N: Good for you, right?

Kaede: Alright, the last one is the pizzeria. An interview and a meal at the same time!

Kaede: So, a question for Dragon Kid.

DK: Right!

Kaede: What part of the Hero job has made you the happiest?

DK: Hmm, meeting my colleagues, I guess. It's just that in order to become a Hero I received a special education, so I had few friends.

Kaede: Becoming a Hero must be hard.

DK: Yeah, but I wanted to. What about you Kaede, want to try as well?

Kaede: Huh!? Oh no, I'm totally not-

DK: Really? I think you could do well.

Kaede: Er, okay, the next question is for Blue Rose.

Kaede: Is it difficult to manage both school and the Hero work?

BR: Well, yes. I can't reveal my identity and have to deal with everything by myself... So for me, my family really helps me a lot.

Kaede: Wow, that must be nice!

BR: But you have your dad, right?

Kaede: Well, yeah, but...

DK: Aah, we sure haven't seen him for along time!

BR: I suppose you're right...

Kaede: Seriously, what do you like about him?

BR: L-like!? I-uh.. Er-

DK: I like how considerate he can be.

BR: Y-yeah! M-me too!

Kaede: But look, he tends to buy weird plushies that nobody asks for and stuff.

BR: Huh...

DK: Hahaha, I know what you mean! My dad's like that too!

Kaede: Really!?

BR: But... But if they put so much time into it... It means that they care, right...?

Kaede&DK: Huh...

BR: That towel too...

Kaede: Oh yeah, I have a present for the two of you as well.

DK: A testimonial!?

BR: Wow! It's handmade!

Kaede: Yeah! So, ìTestimonial: Dragon Kid.î

DK: Right!

Kaede: ìYou are not much older than me, strong, cute... I respect you the most and you inspire me to work hard too. Aim for the first place and do your best from now on as well. Kaburagi Kaede.î

DK: Thank you! But, um, I feel kinda embarrassed...

Kaede: And one for Blue Rose.

BR: Really!? Yay!

Kaede: ìTestimonial: Blue Rose. Being an idol must be difficult, but everyone admires you. You sing well and you're also pretty. Everyone in my class thinks it would be nice to have a sister like you, and I agree. Take care not to get injured tough. If things get dangerous please run away. Kaburagi Kaedeî

BR: Thanks, Kaede. It made me very happy.

Kaede: Oh, it's nothing.


Kaede: Did something happen?

DK: Lunatic has appeared in the Central Park!

Kaede: By Lunatic you mean THAT Lunatic!?

BR: Sorry, Kaede, but we have to hurry-

Kaede: I want to make an interview!

BR: Whaat!?

DK: No way! It's dangerous!

Kaede: I'll be fine! If things get ugly I'll just use my warp powers and perform a Cutie Escape!

BR: Warping?

Kaede: I'll go on ahead! Haaa!

BR: ...And she's gone.

L: Sinful carefree fools who live while exploiting the precious life. For your feeble-mindedness, I shall grant you the judgment of justice.

Kaede: Wait! Lunatic!

L: You...(that man's dau-)

Kaede: I have a question for you! Why are you doing all these horrible things!

L: I have no business with little girls. Get lost.

Kaede: Answer me! Or is it because you can't?! What you're doing is detestable!

L: A sinner has no right to judge.

Kaede: Then the same goes for you!

L: Hmph, a brat like you tries to oppose me. A mind with their head in the clouds. Perhaps it is the Kaburagi blood that makes them that way.

Kaede: I think that what you're doing is wrong!

L: The trail has cooled. But I shall appear again soon enough, to tear apart the heavy darkness.

Kaede: (sigh) And he's gone.

SH: Kaede, are you alright!?

Kaede: Hi everyone. I'm just fine!

OC: Where's Lunatic!?

Kaede: He left.

N: He left!?

A: You chased him away!?

Kaede: Yeah. And I still had questions for him, like about that Tana-whatever thing.

BR: Talk about fearless. She sure reminds me of somebody.

Kaede: And so my independent research project ended. My only regret is that I weren't able to interview Barnaby. I wonder where did he go after he retired...

B: Today, I would like to say goodbye.

Kaede: Huh!? Barnaby!?

B: The citizens have supported me in my Hero work until now.

Kaede: Oh, it's a HeroTV rerun...

B: Upon the announcement of my retirement many fans have expressed their regret, and I do appreciate their sentiments. But I must say this: appearing on TV or fighting for peace does not make a hero. That is not all. Even something so small as picking a piece of litter or giving up a seat for an elderly person can be a lot. As long as it's in their heart, anybody can be a hero.

Kaede: Ah...!

(K: No worries, anybody can become a hero as long as it's in their heart.)

Kaede: He and dad said the same thing!

(OC: Your father helped me a lot then.)

(SH: He really was a wonderful Hero.)

(N: That man is as awkward as ever, it seems.)

(A: He doesn't mean anything bad by it, you know.)

(DK: I like how considerate he can be.)

(BR: But if they put so much time into it... It means that they care, right...?)

Kaede: I called him lame... That was cruel of me.... I have to apologize to dad...!

Kaede: I'm back.

K: Kaede! Where have you been!? I was looking for you!

Kaede: I went to interview the Heroes-

K: Heroes?

Kaede: Um, dad, I-

K: Why did you do that!? Do you know how busy they are!? You know that you mustn't bother people!

Kaede: But they were happy to help-

K: Daddy doesn't like excuses! When did you become so selfish!?

Kaede: Ah-! You-! Who cares about you!

K: Huh? Hey!

K: Eh? Uh, what's this? ìTestimonial: Wild Tigerî ?

(Kaede: ìThank you very much for your work until now. To me, you're the strongest, kindest and most beloved dad in the world. But to say the truth, I wanted to see much more of you as a Hero. Kaedeî

K: She made this for me.... I'm the happiest guy in the world...! Thanks, Kaede..!

Kaede: (sigh) And now only one left...

Kaede: ìTestimonial: Barnaby. To me, you are the most special hero of all. I wonder why you quit... I really want you meet you again.î

K: Uh, Kaede, do you have a minute? I kinda want to talk to you about something-

Kaede: Hey, who said you could enter!?

K: Eh, no... I guess I said too much... Um, thanks for the testi-


K: ..Ah...?

Kaede: Whooaaaa! Barnaby's testimony!!!

K: He-!?

Kaede: DAD...!!!!!

K: Ahhhh! I'm sorryyyy!!