The NEXT ability Barriers (バリア) allows the user to create and manipulate barriers of any shape or size. It was first mistaken to be an ability to create energy beams, as Jake Martinez frequently launched razor-thin barriers much like bullets.

Like this, the ability can be used offensively to damage opponents from any distance. It is currently unknown, however, if barriers shot in this fashion are capable of rebounding off reflective objects (and would thus require some level of aiming precision when firing).

Jake is even shown using this ability like a laser to burn any designs into a surface. When used defensively, a barrier appears as a series of outflowing rings which repel the user's opponent upon contact. These barriers seem to disappear once an opponent has been repelled.

Currently, this ability and its partner (Hearing Others' Thoughts) are the only ones used in conjunction with another ability.

The Ability in ActionEdit

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