Blood is thicker than water
TnBe17 113
Japanese Title 血は水よりも濃い
Chi wa mizu yorimo koi
Episode Number 17
Air Date July 24, 2011
Opening Theme Missing Link
Ending Theme Mind Game
Wild Tiger, Barnaby Brooks Jr., Mario, Alexander Lloyds, Anju Kaburagi, Muramasa Kaburagi, Kaede Kaburagi, Tomoe Kaburagi, Ben Jackson
Episode 16
Truth lies at the bottom of a well
Episode 18
Ignorance Is Bliss

Worried about his declining powers and what he'll do when they inevitably run out, Kotetsu asks for a vacation so he can visit his family. Barnaby assures Lloyds that he can handle things alone for a while, insisting it would be good for Kotetsu to spend some time with his daughter. While there, Kotetsu makes an important decision.