Identity Unknown
Nicknames Chopman
NEXT Power Hand Enlargement
Gender Male
Eyes unknown
Hair unknown
Debut Episode 14
Love is Blind
Seiyū Seki Yu

Chopman is one of the Second League heroes who started in Hero TV's new season in NC 1978. His name derives from his NEXT power.


Chopman first appears with the other Second League heroes in episode 14, in pursuit of "the backstage thief" - a thief obsessed with celebrities who sneaks backstage at various events to steal their personal belongings.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

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Chopman gets his hand stuck while chasing a criminal in Tiger & Bunny: The Rising.

He is able to grow his hand to a very large size and proceeds to use it to karate chop his enemies. It is unknown whether he can only do this with one hand or with both.

He does not seem very adept at using it, as seen when he tries to chop a purse snatcher with his gigantic hand only for it to get stuck in between the beams of the bridge he is standing on.



His hero suit consists of a white bodysuit with large shoulder pads, blue and gray accents, and an image of a hand in a "chopping" motion on the chest. He also wears a white helmet with an oblong purple visor.