Dragon Kid
TnB tR 07b
Identity Pao-Lin Huang
Nicknames Lightning Kung-Fu Master
NEXT Power Lightning Manipulation
Sponsors Calbee Movie Version: DAM Calbee
Sponsor Company Odysseus Communication
Age 13 (episodes 1-13)
14 (episodes 14-25)
15 (episode 25 epilogue)
Gender Androgyne
Height 157cm (5'2")[1]
Weight 94lb[2]
Eyes Green
Hair Dirty blonde
Green (in costume)
Relatives Unnamed mother
Unnamed father
Debut Episode 1
All's well that ends well
Seiyū Mariya Ise

Laura Bailey (English)

Pao-Lin Huang, also known as Dragon Kid, is a young kung fu fighter armed with a staff and able to produce lightning. Her Chinese-styled uniform includes advertising for Japanese food company Calbee and Japanese website


For the time being, it seems she is in the care of a trusted adult while she is away from her parents, and that same trusted adult often scolds her for not being more feminine, Dragon Kid sometimes self describes herself as a girl, and sometimes does not, she also sometimes wears feminine clothing and sometimes seem to be insecure about being feminine.

She seems to have some trouble understanding her parents' feelings, and recently with the help of Wild Tiger she understood why her parents gave her such a feminine hair clip.

Personality Edit

She is an extreme tomboy with a crude personality who at times speaks with coarse language. She is not feminine and is aware of that but doesn't like wearing dresses or even consider herself a girl at times (or at the very least girly). She likes eating, training, and martial arts. She can be stubborn, impatient and tends to not understand what her parents want and feel regarding her though she becomes more understanding of their feelings and it is evident she loves them and vice versa. She is dedicated to her hero duties and seems to be good with children, as she grew attached to the mayor's baby son. She is also defensive of her friends, once defending her friend Fire Emblem in Tiger and Bunny: The Rising. She is cheerful. energetic, easygoing and straightforward.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Dragon Kid is an adept martial artist and skilled staff fighter. She is able to generate and control electricity. She has been seen electrocuting criminals through direct and range contact, through a conductor such as the metal of a car, and through her battle staff which is is presumably metal as well.

TIGER & BUNNY - 01 - Large 06


Dragon Kid's outfit has two big circles that display the logos of the companies which sponsor her. Her costume also includes a staff that she uses when in battle.

HeroTV CommunicatorEdit

Like all the Hero TV heroes Pao-Lin wears a simple "communicator" wristband which Agnes can use to contact her, usually to inform her of a crime being committed. Pao-Lin's communicator is white with yellow bands around the edges.

DragonKid 8859



  • According to the creators, Pao-Lin identifies herself as an androgynous girl[1].

from Tiger & Bunny - The Rising - King of WorksEdit

  • She lives in Sternbild's Bronze Stage.
  • Her strong points are that she is cheerful, straightforward, and has perfect teeth (zero tooth decay).
  • Her weak points are that she is slightly too energetic where there is room to be idle, and her normal body temperature is too high.
  • Her favorite food is dumplings.
  • Her least favorite foods are sweet & sour pork and pineapple on pizza.
  • She's good at sports and finding high quality but cheap goods.
  • Her weakness/dislike is getting dressed up.
  • Her hobbies are running 10 kilometers (about 6 miles), a usual number of 250 push-ups and sit-ups, practicing stick fighting, and watching anime.
  • Her future goal is to make dumplings as well as her mother.
  • Her motto is "Stay happy and healthy".


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  2. Tiger & Bunny: The Beginning, Barnaby's visor display

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