Edward Keddy[1]
TnBe8 119
NEXT Power Sand Manipulation
Gender Male
Eyes Red Purple
Hair Auburn
Debut Episode 8
There is Always a Next Time
Seiyū Wataru Hatano

Ben Diskin (English)

Edward Keddy (エドワード・ケディ) was a student that attended Hero Academy with Ivan. He performed at the top of his class, and was inches away from becoming a hero.


One day, while outside, Edward and Ivan found themselves witnessing a hostage scene. Heroes hadn't arrived yet, and Edward insisted that they step in. Ivan, however, was too afraid to go in because of his lack of confidence and the academy's regulations against using powers off school grounds. Edward insisted it didn't matter, that their powers were meant to help people, and went in alone.

He used his powers to get behind the criminal and took away his weapon. Unfortunately, he hadn't realized that there was a second criminal, who grabbed him from behind. He kept asking for Ivan's help, but Ivan was still too afraid and couldn't move. As Edward struggled with the criminals, the gun accidentally fired - killing the hostage.

Despite it being an accident, Edward was charged with murder and sent to prison, thus loosing his right to become a hero in the future.


Escape and RevengeEdit

Years later, Edward has grown to resent Ivan for not helping him and now blames Ivan's inaction for ruining his life. Edward escapes from prison and seeks Ivan out in order to exact revenge.

He meets Ivan beneath a Mr. Legend statue in the academy's courtyard where they often met as students, and nearly drowns him in a whirlpool of sand. The timely arrival of Kotetsu and Barnaby is enough to temporarily scare Edward off and save Ivan's life. Later, after a conversation with Kotetsu, Ivan decides to stop Edward from making another mistake and begs Edward to stop. Their confrontation is interrupted by the sudden appearance of Lunatic, who intends to kill Edward for not having completed his sentence.

Ivan attempts to draw Lunatic's attack to himself instead by transforming into Edward, but Lunatic isn't fooled. Ivan then shocks Edward by putting himself between Edward and Lunatic's crossbow, declaring he will protect Edward no matter what. They are saved by Kotetsu using his Hundred Power to pull them both out of the way. Kotetsu then goes to fight Lunatic with Barnaby. In the end, Edward is taken back to prison to finish his sentence - but not before thanking Ivan for saving him.

A year later, it is shown that Ivan has been visiting him in prison and was last seen talking about adding material to his performance on Hero TV[2]. Ivan continues to visit Edward in prison on a set day for the remainder of his sentence[3].



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