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Fire Emblem
Identity Nathan Seymour
Nicknames Bourgeois Open Flame Broil
NEXT Power Fire Manipulation
Sponsors FMV (Fujitsu)
Animate Movie Version: Animate Dominos
Sponsor Company Helios Energy
Gender Genderqueer(possible bigender), uses both he/him and she/her
Eyes Pink (Naturally brown)
Hair Pink (Naturally brown)
Debut Episode 1
All's well that ends well
Seiyū Kenjiro Tsuda

John Eric Bentley (English)

Fire Emblem is a flamboyant hero with flame abilities, and is equipped with a highly maneuverable race car. They are also the owner of their sponsor company, "Helios Energy" and their costume contains advertising for FMV of Fujitsu.


TIGER & BUNNY - 01 - Large 03

Fire Emblem's dazzling entrance

Nathan is a dōseiaisha (though according to the creators thinks of themself as gender-free). They wear their distinctive make-up, including white lipstick and nail polish, whether they are in or out of uniform. They are usually training and spending most of their time with the girl heroes, and views themself as one of the girls. Nathan usually flirts with the other male heroes, often making them such offers as "I'll give you a big kiss, when you get back". Their nickname for Bunny is "Handsome", using the English word. Tiger in particular is a target of their flirtations: they offer to "sleep beside" Tiger (who gives them a gentle brush-off, saying he'd get a stiff neck from using Emblem's arm as a pillow), and snuggles into him quite forcefully while they discuss the enemy fire user. Interestingly enough Fire Emblem's feminine persona drops in cases of extreme rage or surprise in a manly voice, such as when their car is destroyed by Quroborros mech in episode 6 or when they got irritated by Kriem's nicknaming in episode 14.

They are shown to have a rivalry with Lunatic, due to their fire powers and asked Barnaby to teach him a lesson for them.

Abilities and Powers Edit

Fire Emblem has the power to generate and control fire. Their powers allow them to treat fire as though it were partially solid as shown by their ability to collect a stream of flame into a denser fireball. They also have one of the fastest power activations, as they are shown to be able to launch a powerful jet of fire with just a flick of their pinky. They are also a highly skilled driver, as they are able to dodge a hail of machine-gun fire while in their car (episode 1)

Fire Emblem also has one of the strongest fire abilities and doesn't seem to take much effort to increase the level of fire; their only competition being Lunatic who has blue flames, which are stronger than their red flames. Nevertheless, they are a powerful NEXT who is able to activate their powers with ease.


FireEmblem1 4609

Fire Emblem's costume is a typical hero style. Despite the fact that they do not fly, they possess a burning cape, which they can turn on and off.


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