Golden Ryan
Identity Ryan Goldsmith
Nicknames The Gravity Prince
NEXT Power Gravitational manipulation
Sponsors Banpresto
TANITA (weight measurement scales)
Sponsor Company Apollon Media
Age 20s
Gender Male
Height 187cm (6'1")[1]
Eyes Yellow
Blue (when using power)
Hair Blonde
Debut Tiger & Bunny: The Rising
Seiyū Yuichi Nakamura
Henry Dittman (English)

Ryan Goldsmith (ライアン・ゴールドスミス), aka Golden Ryan (ゴールデンライアン) is a new hero who appears in Tiger & Bunny: The Rising serving as Barnaby's new partner in replacement of Wild Tiger. Like Barnaby, he showed his face in public as seen in the trailer.


Ryan was a popular hero overseas and was hired by Schneider to replace Tiger as Barnaby's partner. At the end of the movie he announces that another overseas company has offered him an even higher salary and that he will leave his Apollon Media job.




Barnaby's Partner- In battle Barnaby and Ryan have shown good teamwork, but their ideologies conflict. Ryan cares about getting on camera and being the center of attention, as well as scoring hero points. At first Barnaby was suspicious of Ryan, even thinking that Ryan would turn out to be part of the group of criminals they were facing, and that he would be the one to sink the city underground. Ryan shows that he is sharper than he acts, pointing out that he knows Barnaby doesn't trust him and that he can read Barnaby's distrust in his expressions.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Ryan has the ability to create a gravitational field, within which no one (with the exception of Barnaby and Tiger with their powers activated) can move. He can create one in the regular half-sphere shape and can also alter the shape of the field such as elongating it. However, when he is using his power he is vulnerable to attack.


Golden Ryan's costume's most notable feature is a big pair of golden wings. His costume's colors make him stand out, matching his desire to be under the spotlight.



from Tiger & Bunny - The Rising - King of WorksEdit

  • He lives in Sternbild's Gold Stage.
  • His strong point is that he has no boundaries and treats everyone equally.
  • His weak point is that he is somewhat boorish.
  • His favorite food is yogurt.
  • His least favorite food is cilantro.
  • He's good at making captive opponents nervous, buying in bulk, and taking pictures of silly day-to--day things and making them into memories.
  • His weaknesses/dislikes are polite speech, responding quickly to emails, and tidying up.
  • His hobbies are camerawork, giving his pet iguana Molly loving affection, going on driving dates, looking through fashion magazines, and studying tax plans.
  • His future goal is to become the only number one.
  • His motto is "What can you do if you don't believe in yourself!"


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