Fake Wild Tiger
Identity H-01
Nicknames Wild Tiger
NEXT Power None (Android)
Sponsor Company Apollon Media
Age Unknown
Gender Male (Android)
Blood Type None
Eyes Glowing Red
Hair None
Relatives Rotwang (Creator)

Cis (Predecessor)

Debut Episode 21
Seiyū None

The H-01 was a Wild Tiger android created by Maverick and Rotwang in order to impersonate the real Wild Tiger. It was unveiled when Mr. Maverick replaced or modified everyone's memories of Wild Tiger.

History Edit

Mistaken MemoriesEdit

When Wild Tiger became a threat, Maverick replaced everyone's memories of Kotetsu (the original and real Wild Tiger) and framed him for murder. This fake black and red (similar to Barnaby Jr.'s suit color) Wild Tiger was put out to replace the original.

The 2nd TigerEdit

In Episode 22, it is revealed that Albert Maverick sent the False Wild Tiger to confront the heroes and Kaede. The episode ends with Sky High leaping on top of the false tiger, and reveals who was behind the mask.

In Episode 23, after dispatching the other heroes, it encountered Wild Tiger and Barnaby at the top of Justice Tower where it was revealed it was an android created by Rotwang commissioned by Maverick.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

H-01 has no NEXT Powers but has enhanced cybernetic strength, agility, and durability which makes him a formidable opponent.


H-01 wields a laser rifle and a laser sword for ranged and melee attacks, which is quite powerful (it should be noted that H-01's own rifle was the only weapon/attack seen capable of damaging it significantly). It also wields a grappling device similar to Wild Tiger's and has rocket boots for flight.


Trivia Edit

  • It is revealed that the False Wild Tiger is a robot, like Cis. It never spoke and it's identity was finally revealed in episode 23. Also, Kotetsu was pretty shocked at how quickly it recovered from being slammed. A sudden flashback to when Kotetsu first fought Cis, the android.
  • Unlike the real Wild Tiger, the false Tiger does not posses any sponsor logos.
  • Among the fandom, False Wild Tiger, has inspired many artist to create Dark Kotetsu. The character is shown to look just like Kotetsu but with red eyes, a black and red attire that matches False Wild Tigers color scheme. His face however, is usually covered by his hat.

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