Hero Academy is a special school where NEXTs can train to control their powers and to potentially become heroes after graduating. It includes all the usual facilities of a school or college such as an auditorium, a gym, classrooms, and a sports field.

Younger students appear to take regular classes such as Maths and Science as well as the control and Hero classes.

The Academy is run by principal Timo Massini. It is against the Academy's rules for students to use their powers off school grounds while attending. Students that participate in a crime will be expelled, and any sort of criminal record will bar a Next from becoming a Hero.

Enrollment is not mandatory for Nexts, as only two of the eight current Hero TV heroes attended.

It is unknown how long students must attend Hero Academy, or if there are any other restrictions. It can be assumed that some age restriction is in place, however, as the student body seems to consist of people in their teens and older.

Known StudentsEdit