Johnny Wong

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Identity Johnny Wong
Gender Male
Hair White
Debut Tiger & Bunny: The Rising

Johnny Wong is a monk and a victim of Mark Schneider's illegal business practices.



Powers and Abilities Edit

Johnny has the ability to induce a coma-like sleep upon anyone within a certain range of him. Once a person has fallen asleep they are trapped in a nightmare of their worst fears and memories. The only way a person can be freed of this is if they are able to overcome their past traumas and fears or if Johnny is defeated.

Johnny is also a skilled martial artist using quick strikes with his hands and feet and a large iron sansetsukon - a three segmented staff attached by chains.

He also posses a device called "Cells Alive System" which allows him to negate or counter both Blue Rose's ice powers and Dragon Kid's lightning individually. He wears it on a beaded belt around his waist.

Each of the antagonists of The Rising has a communicator which Andrew uses to contact them throughout the movie. Johnny's is a pocket watch.