Kasha Graham

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Identity Kasha Graham
Gender Female
Eyes Yellow
Hair Brown
Debut Tiger & Bunny: The Rising

Kasha Graham is a dancer and a victim of Mark Schneider's illegal business practices.



Powers and Abilities Edit

Kasha has the power to create duplicates of herself. The limit to how many duplicates she can create is unknown but she has been seen to create dozens at a time. The duplicates vanish upon impact as seen whenever Barnaby tried to attack them. They are not illusions however, as they are able to attack just as effectively as the real Kasha.

Kasha relies on misdirection, with her clones taking the brunt of any assault. She is highly maneuverable thanks to her talents as a dancer and attacks with these moves as well as the chakrams she carries, which she is able to create copies of whenever she duplicates herself.

Each of the antagonists of The Rising has a communicator which Andrew uses to contact them throughout the movie. Kasha's is a ring worn on her left index finger.