NEXT Power Manipulation of Inanimate Objects
Age mid to late 30s (was a high schooler 20 years ago)
Gender Female
Eyes blue
Hair Black
Relatives mother and father (estranged/abandoned)
Debut Episode 10
The calm before the storm
Seiyū Michiko Neya

Stephanie Sheh (English)

Kriem is a member of Ouroboros and the girlfriend of Jake Martinez. She is a NEXT who appears to have the
Kriem Ouroboros Sign


ability to control inanimate objects such as the Mad Bears using her hair as antennas and control them by will.


She always carries around an umbrella with her and wears a sleeveless suit jacket with a tie and her outfit is designed with spades, which also is on her eyeliner which can be seen when she closes her eyes.


As a child, Kriem was completely ostracized by her classmates, and was treated as a monster because of her powers. Even her parents hated her, and were upset because they were considered monsters for having her. Her mother went so far as to say that if she had known Kriem was going to be a NEXT, she wouldn't have given birth to her. On Christmas Eve 21 years before Jake launched his attack on the city, Kriem was kidnapped by Jake. Jake tried to ransom her, but because her parents didn't want her, they never paid the ransom. She explains to Jake that her NEXT power made her not normal, which is why her parents didn't pay the ransom. She apologizes to Jake since he didn't make any money, and then begs him to kill her, since her life is meaningless. Jake tells her that being not normal is good, and that being a NEXT makes her superior, not inferior, to ordinary humans. She is freed, literally when Jake removes the handcuffs, and metaphorically from her suffering. Since Jake was the only person to ever accept her, she follows him.


When Jake attempts to evade arrest, his attack accidentally hits the helicopter Kriem was piloting. As a result of the crash, she goes into a coma until episode 18. When she wakes, her condition worsens severely due to the news about Jake's death. Once she becomes more stable, she talks to Barnaby and Tiger. She reveals her past to them. They point out her hypocrisy, since she and Jake were trying to create a world where NEXT were superior, but then ordinary people would be like Kriem before she met Jake, treated as inferior. She then reveals to Barnaby that his parents were killed on the same day that she was kidnapped, 21 years ago. This is later proved to be true, and not just a final taunt. She then rips out all of the IV tubing and fights off the doctors in order to die, saying that is Barnaby's punishment for killing Jake. In fact, she had unwittingly put Barnaby on the path to the truth.


Kriem 2330

Kriem's outfit has a "circus" style to it. She wears a simple outfit, with pants that have diamonds cut out. The black and red color scheme, along with the diamonds, gives her the theme of "The queen of diamonds."



  • In episode 18 Kriem's head is shaved, but no one ever saw her place her hair in the Mad Bears.
    • Though it is possible that either Ivan saw her use her powers while he was captured, or her powers were figured out after examining the bears.