A gift is valued by the mind of the giverA good beginning makes a good endingA soft answer turns away wrath
Abbas PrisonAbility DuplicationAgnes Joubert
Aim for the sky and fall on the treesAlbert MaverickAlexander Lloyds
All's well that ends wellAll lay loads on a willing horseAndroid
Anju KaburagiApollon MediaAudio Drama 1: We Were Young Back Then
Audio Drama 2: OBC Radio Station Presents "Blue Rose's Midnight Ice Cream!!"Audio Drama 3: Welcome to the Apollon Media Hero Division!Audio Drama 4: I Was Young Back Then, Too
Audio Drama 5: Limited Time Offer! The New Combo, Rose & DragonAudio Drama 6: Yuri Petrov's Melancholy Daily LifeAudio Drama 7: Editor-in-Chief Heroes, It's Time for a Meeting!
Audio Drama 8: S.B.P.D. 8th Branch OfficeAudio Drama 9: Kaede's Independent Research Project "Our Heroes"Azucar Smallriver
Bad luck often brings good luckBar Number 06Barnaby Brooks
Barnaby Brooks Jr.BarriersBeauty is in the eye of the beholder
Ben JacksonBenoit DepardieuBest of Hero
Better a live coward than a dead heroBetter ask the way than go astrayBirds of a feather flock together
Blood is thicker than waterBlue RoseBob Johnson
BombemanBooksCain Morris
Christina LyleCisCloud Carter
Confidence is a Plant of Slow GrowthDanger past, God forgottenDiamond Body
Diligence is the mother of good fortuneDragon KidDrama CDs
Edward KeddyEmilyEmily Brooks
EpisodesEric LyleEternal Immortality
Extendable NeckFear is often greater than the dangerFire Emblem
Fire is a good servant, but a bad masterFirst LeagueForbidden fruit is the sweetest
Forewarned is forearmedFull of courtesy, full of craftGO NEXT!!
GamesGargoyle TechnicaGo For Broke!
Golden RyanGood Luck ModeGood seed makes a good crop
H-01Hamidashimono SankaHans Chuckman
Harry GonzalezHeaven helps those who help themselvesHelios Energy
Helios Energy CEOHelperides FinanceHelperides Finance CEO
Here today and gone tomorrowHero's BarHero Academy
Hero TVHoshi no SumikaHundred Power
Hyper JumpingIce ManipulationIgnorance Is Bliss
Impenetrable SkinInvisibilityIsaac
It takes two to make a quarrelJ. G. BenjaminJack Brown
Jake MartinezJaneJohnny Wong
Justice Day FestivalJustice TowerKaede Kaburagi
Kasha GrahamKriemKronos Foods
Kronos Foods CEOLightning ManipulationLily Myers
Lionel HawkeLiquors KaburagiLocation Switching
Love conquers allLove is BlindLunatic
MagnetismMangaManga Serialization (Miracle Jump)
Manga Serialization (Newtype Ace)Manipulation of Inanimate ObjectsMany a true word is spoken in jest
Mari MyersMarioMark Schneider
Mary MyersMary RoseMemory Implantation
Mind GameMisfortunes Never Come SinglyMissing Link
Monthly HeroMr. BigMr. Clown
Mr. HopperMr. LegendMs. Violet
Muramasa KaburagiMusicMy Song
NEXTNEXT PowersNatasha
Natsu no Koi wa, Otsukare SummerNothing Ventured, Nothing GainedOdysseus Communication
Odysseus Communication CEOOfficial Hero Book 1Official Hero Book 2
Oneshot (Masakazu Katsura)Oriental TownOriga Petrov
Origami CycloneOrion o NazoruOrlando Cooper
Poseidon LinePoseidon Line CEOPyrokinesis
Radio ShowsRichardRichard Max
RobertRobin BaxterRock Bison
Samantha TaylorSand ManipulationScarf Girl
Second LeagueSeigi no Koe ga KikoerukaiSeigi no Koe ga Kikoerukai (album)
Sensing Things by SmellShapeshiftingSky High
So many men, so many mindsSpare the rod and spoil the childStealth Soldier
Stern Medaille Police HospitalSternbild's MayorSternbild's Mayor's wife
Sternbild CityStretchable SkinSumo Thunder
Super Saiyan HairSuper SweatTake Heed of the Snake in the Grass
TelekinesisTelepathyThat which comes from the heart will go to the heart
The Sky's the Limit...The apples on the other side of the wall are the sweetestThe calm before the storm
The die is castThe first step is always the hardestThe wolf knows what the ill beast thinks
There's No Way OutThere is Always a Next TimeThere is always life for a living man
They made easy money gainsTiger & Bunny: Heroes DayTiger & Bunny: The Beginning
Tiger & Bunny: The RisingTiger & Bunny: Too Many Cooks Spoil the BrothTiger & Bunny (Series)
Tiger & Bunny Comic Anthology 1 (DNA Comics)Tiger & Bunny On Air Jack!Tiger & Bunny Original Soundtrack
Tiger & Bunny Special Edition: Side BunnyTiger & Bunny Special Edition: Side TigerTiger & Bunny Wiki
Tiger and Bunny (team)TimelineTimo Massini
Titan IndustryTitan Industry CEOTomoe Kaburagi
TonyTony SmithTop MaG
Truth lies at the bottom of a wellVirgil DingfelderWELCOME TO THE TIGER & BUNNY WIKI!
WalterWild TigerWind Manipulation
World of Tiger & Bunny「ICE DOLL」「No Farewell」
「Thanks, and thanks again!」「You are the HERO!!」「タナトスの声を聞け」 (Tanatosu no koe wo kike)
「嗚呼、HERO SUIT」 (Aa, HERO SUIT)「恋するヒロイン」 (Koisuru Heroine)「生涯ワイルド宣言」 (Shougai wairudo sengen)
「見切れ桜」 (Mikirezakura)「轟け☆カンフーマスター」 (Todoroke☆Kung-Fu Master)「酒と仲間と男のバラッド」 (Sake to nakama to otoko no baraddo)