A good beginning makes a good endingAbbas PrisonAbility Duplication
Agnes JoubertAlbert MaverickAlexander Lloyds
All's well that ends wellAndroidAnju Kaburagi
Apollon MediaAudio Drama 1: We Were Young Back ThenAudio Drama 2: OBC Radio Station Presents "Blue Rose's Midnight Ice Cream!!"
Audio Drama 3: Welcome to the Apollon Media Hero Division!Audio Drama 4: I Was Young Back Then, TooAudio Drama 5: Limited Time Offer! The New Combo, Rose & Dragon
Audio Drama 6: Yuri Petrov's Melancholy Daily LifeAudio Drama 7: Editor-in-Chief Heroes, It's Time for a Meeting!Audio Drama 8: S.B.P.D. 8th Branch Office
Audio Drama 9: Kaede's Independent Research Project "Our Heroes"Azucar SmallriverBad luck often brings good luck
Barnaby BrooksBarnaby Brooks Jr.Barriers
Ben JacksonBenoit DepardieuBlood is thicker than water
Blue RoseBob JohnsonBombeman
BooksCain MorrisCatherine
CharactersChopmanChristina Lyle
CisCloud CarterConfidence is a Plant of Slow Growth
Diamond BodyDragon KidDrama CDs
EdwardEmilyEmily Brooks
EpisodesEric LyleEternal Immortality
Extendable NeckFear is often greater than the dangerFire Emblem
Fire ManipulationFire is a good servant, but a bad masterFirst League
Full of courtesy, full of craftGO NEXT!!Go For Broke!
Golden RyanGood Luck ModeH-01
Hans ChuckmanHarry GonzalezHearing Others' Thoughts
Heaven helps those who help themselvesHelios EnergyHelios Energy CEO
Helperides FinanceHelperides Finance CEOHero Academy
Hero TVHoshi no SumikaHundred Power
Hyper JumpingIce ManipulationIgnorance Is Bliss
Impenetrable SkinInvisibilityIsaac
J. G. BenjaminJack BrownJake Martinez
JaneJohnny WongJustice Tower
Kaede KaburagiKasha GrahamKriem
Kronos FoodsKronos Foods CEOLightning Manipulation
Lily MyersLionel HawkeLiquors Kaburagi
Location SwitchingLove is BlindLunatic
MagnetismMangaManga Serialization (Miracle Jump)
Manga Serialization (Newtype Ace)Manipulation of Inanimate ObjectsMany a true word is spoken in jest
Mari MyersMarioMark Schneider
Mary MyersMary RoseMemory Implantation
Mind GameMisfortunes Never Come SinglyMissing Link
Mr. BigMr. ClownMr. Hopper
Mr. LegendMs. VioletMuramasa Kaburagi
MusicMy SongNEXT
NEXT PowersNatashaNothing Ventured, Nothing Gained
Odysseus CommunicationOdysseus Communication CEOOfficial Hero Book 1
Oneshot (Masakazu Katsura)Oriental TownOriga Petrov
Origami CycloneOrion o NazoruOrlando Cooper
OuroborosPaulyPoseidon Line
Poseidon Line CEORadio ShowsRichard
Richard MaxRobertRobin Baxter
Rock BisonRotwangSaito
SamSamantha TaylorSand Manipulation
Scarf GirlSecond LeagueSensing Things by Smell
ShapeshiftingSky HighSpare the rod and spoil the child
Stealth SoldierStern Medaille Police HospitalSternbild's Mayor
Sternbild's Mayor's wifeSternbild CityStretchable Skin
Sumo ThunderSuper Saiyan HairSuper Sweat
Taiga an bonobn is too hom0 for my kidZ!!Take Heed of the Snake in the GrassTelekinesis
The Sky's the Limit...The calm before the stormThe die is cast
The wolf knows what the ill beast thinksThere's No Way OutThere is Always a Next Time
Tiger & Bunny: Heroes DayTiger & Bunny: The BeginningTiger & Bunny: The Rising
Tiger & Bunny (Series)Tiger & Bunny Comic Anthology 1 (DNA Comics)Tiger & Bunny On Air Jack!
Tiger & Bunny Original SoundtrackTiger & Bunny WikiTiger and Bunny (team)
Tiger and Bunny OCsTimelineTimo Massini
Titan IndustryTitan Industry CEOTomoe Kaburagi
TonyTony SmithTop MaG
Truth lies at the bottom of a wellVirgil DingfelderWELCOME TO THE TIGER & BUNNY WIKI!
WalterWild TigerWind Manipulation
World of Tiger & BunnyYosuke Darcy

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