Love is Blind
Japanese Title 恋は盲目
Koi wa moumoku
Episode Number 14
Air Date July 3, 2011
Opening Theme Missing Link
Ending Theme Mind Game
Wild Tiger, Barnaby Brooks Jr., Blue Rose, Rock Bison, Sky High, Fire Emblem, Dragon Kid, Origami Cyclone, Agnes Joubert, Mario, Alexander Lloyds, Bombeman, Ms. Violet, Lionel Hawke, Emily, Jane, Kronos Foods CEO
Episode 13
Confidence is a Plant of Slow Growth
Episode 15
The Sky's the Limit...

Karina realizes she has feelings for Kotetsu and tries to deal with them, even as Wild Tiger and Barnaby are grouped with Blue Rose for a one-time only performance and Karina is given the task of teaching them the choreography. Meanwhile the Second League heroes are introduced, tasked with catching "The Backstage Thief".