A death match between Heroes and savage animals. Now that's entertainment! Those NEXT aren't human anyway. We've gotta get extreme, you know?

–Mark Schneider, Tiger & Bunny: The Rising

Mark Schneider
TnB tR 40b
Gender Male
Eyes Brown
Hair Gray
Occupation Owner of Apollon Media (formerly)
Owner of Gargoyle Technica (formerly)
Debut Tiger & Bunny: The Rising
Seiyū Ōtsuka Hōchū

Sam Riegel (English)

Mark Schneider is a character in Tiger & Bunny: The Rising. He owns Gargoyle Technica and is known as a genius CEO who can turn around even the worst failing companies to making a profit.


Schneider is first seen in a meeting at Apollon Media where employees from various divisions of the company are giving short presentations about their areas. When it's time for the Hero Division's presentation, Lloyds tell him that the Second League is causing them to loose money. He later calls Kotetsu and Barnaby to his office, where Lloyds tells them that Schneider has bought Apollon and Schneider says he is promoting them back to First League. He only acknowledges Kotetsu once, asking him to stay after and tell him some stories of his early years as a hero. As soon as Barnaby has signed the contract and left, however, Schneider fires Kotetsu.

Later, in a meeting with Justice Yuri Petrov, Schneider is revealed to be anti-NEXT. He proposes a new program to replace Hero TV - a death match between Heroes and savage animals, and says that "Those NEXT aren't human anyway". He doesn't seem to think there is anything wrong with his statements, as he only pauses briefly to wonder "why [Judge Petrov] is glaring at [him] like that" before shrugging and continuing his presentation. Schneider reasons that because Apollon Media own OBC, which runs Hero TV, they have the authority to silence the seven major companies who sponsor the Heroes. He only needs the Justice Bureau to approve it. He seems fairly confident that he'll get his way when Yuri says the Bureau will look into it, despite Yuri continuing to glare at him through the meeting.