Opening ThemesEdit

# Title Artist Episodes
1 Orion o Nazoru Unison Square Garden 1-13
2 Missing Link NOVELS 14-25

Ending ThemesEdit

# Title Artist Episodes
1 Hoshi no Sumika Aobozu 1-13
2 Mind Game Tamaki 14-24

Character SongsEdit

Title Artist
GO NEXT!! Blue Rose
(Minako Kotobuki)
My Song Karina Lyle
(Minako Kotobuki)
POWER OF JUSTICE Barnaby Brooks Jr.
(Morita Masakazu)
Hamidashimono Sanka Wild Tiger
(Hiroaki Hirata)
Seigi no Koe ga Kikoerukai Wild Tiger & Barnaby Brooks Jr.
(Hiroaki Hirata & Morita Masakazu)
Natsu no Koi wa, Otsukare Summer Wild Tiger, Barnaby Brooks Jr. & Blue Rose
(Hiroaki Hirata, Morita Masakazu & Minako Kotobuki)


Title Artist
Tiger & Bunny Original Soundtrack Yoshihiro Ike

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