Origa Petrov is the widow of the late Mr. Legend and the mother of Yuri Petrov. She is voiced by Kari Wahlgren in the English dub.


It is revealed in episode 16, that in the past, she was often physically abused by Mr. Legend in a drunken fury, due to his inability to cope with his declining powers. However, this eventually stopped when Yuri burnt his own father to death in an attempt to save her from being harmed with his awoken NEXT power. This also lead to Origa greatly resenting her own son for the death of her husband.

At present date, Origa's mental state is rather unstable and delusional. Her errantic behaviour includes going as far as cooking dinner and pretending to have conversations with Mr. Legend. She tends have delusions that her husband is still alive -- only to have them refuted by Yuri, who appears to be frustrated at the fact he has to constantly remind his own mother that her husband is already dead.


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