Origami Cyclone
Identity Ivan Karelin
Nicknames Hidden Hero
NEXT Power Shapeshifting
Sponsors .ANIME
Katsuya Takasu's clinic
NAM-Chara Oendan
Livedoor Movie Version: Katsuya Takasu's Clinic NAM-Chara Oendan Bandai Visual Club MiniMini
Sponsor Company Helperides Finance
Age 18 (episodes 1-13)
19 (episodes 14-25)
20 (episode 25 epilogue)
Gender Male
Height 170 cm. (5'7")[1]
Hair Pale blond
Debut Episode 1
All's well that ends well
Seiyū Nobuhiko Okamoto

Michael Sinterniklaas (English)

Ivan Karelin (イワン・カレリン), alias Origami Cyclone (折紙サイクロン), is a hero who wears a ninja-themed costume and tends to engage himself more in advertising than in actual crime-fighting. In the beginning, Ivan mostly appears in the background of photos and broadcasts to please his sponsors. As the show continues, Ivan decides to be a more active hero and even though his powers aren't made for combat, he assists in evacuations, makes sure the citizens are safe, and actively participates in taking down criminals with his ninja weapons and martial arts.

Personality Edit

Origami Cyclone initially appears as a hyperactive outgoing person in hero costume though he never participates in battles and usually just stands in the background due to the fact his abilities aren't great for combat. However, in reality he is shy insecure and negative and only acts outgoing for the cameras. He believes that his powers are not good for combat and that he does not deserve to be a hero, especially since he didn't help his friend Edward when he was in trouble which led to Edward accidentally murdering someone, ending his friend's ability to be a hero. He is so repentant he even lets Edward kill him for his transgressions, though Kotetsu and Barnaby intervene before Edward can go through with it. After some encouragement from Kotetsu, Ivan decides to become more active hero. He begins to utilize his equipment (such as his sword and large shrunken) in battle and manages to find creative ways to use his powers, such as disguising himself as a hostage and then attacking the captor and also helping civilians get to safety. He has even found the courage to disguise himself as Hans Chuckman to infiltrate Jake's hideout. He has become more courageous and selfless, but retains a sort of depressing nervous personality. He also opens up more to the other heroes, becoming good friends with them. He will also stand by his friends in battle, not absconding them. However, he has expressed his belief that he is still not much of a hero because he has to use sneak tactics to attack his opponents, believing it isn't vey noble or just.


Ivan once attended the Hero Academy alongside his best friend Edward. Unlike Edward, however, he was a poor student and had no confidence in his abilities. One time when they were off campus, they happened upon a large crowd surrounding a hostage situation. Edward decided to use his NEXT abilities to apprehend the criminals, but was unable to convince Ivan to help. Even when Edward's attempt led to a worse situation, Ivan was too frightened and self-conscious to act. Though he ended up becoming a hero, Ivan continued to feel the guilt for Edward ending up in prison, without a future.


Edward's RevengeEdit

Following the appearance of Lunatic, the public's opinion of heroes dropped significantly and, in an effort to change that, the heroes are sent to do good around the city. Ivan, Wild Tiger and Barnaby Brooks Jr. are sent to Hero Academy to speak to the students there. As Ivan has no real battle experience, he can only try teaching the students how to make the most of advertising by frequently appearing on camera- something that none of them care about. After watching Kotetsu speak with a group of students who possess NEXT powers which were very ill-suited for battle, Ivan asks the veteran hero to look at his power as well. Though Kotetsu is at first enthusiastic about Ivan's capabilities after Ivan transforms into him, he becomes significantly less so upon learning that Ivan's NEXT power only copies another person's appearance, and not their abilities.

Later, Ivan encounters Edward at a statue on campus beneath which they used to meet. Edward, who had escaped from prison, is looking to take revenge on Ivan for having abandoned him during the hostage incident that cost him his future. He tries to drown Ivan in a whirlpool of sand, but is stopped by the timely arrival of Kotetsu and Barnaby. After Edward flees, Ivan tells the pair that they shouldn't have saved him, as he deserves Edward's anger. A talk with Kotetsu leads Ivan to change his thinking, and he decides to try and talk Edward out of making another potential mistake by purposefully committing murder.

When Lunatic corners Edward with the intent to kill him for not having completed his sentence, Ivan transforms into his friend and tries to trick Lunatic into shooting him instead. Unfortunately, Lunatic refuses - stating that a sinner would never take responsibility for their actions - and Ivan runs in front of Edward to shield him. Lunatic is just about to kill them both when Kotetsu and Barnaby arrive to confront him. Afterward, when Edward is being loaded into an armored truck that will return him to prison, Ivan blurts out that he will become a real hero and hopes they can be friends again someday. He is both stunned and relieved when Edward thanks him for saving his life before leaving.

Jake Martinez and a City Held CaptiveEdit

When the city officials take too long responding to Ouroboros' demands to release Jake, Hans Chuckman enters Justice Tower to threaten them and is subsequently captured by the heroes. They decide to have Ivan transform into Chuckman and accompany Jake and Kriem to Ouroboros' base so they can discern its location. Everything seems to be going smoothly until, shortly after they arrive, Jake corners Ivan, revealing that he knows that "Chuckman" is actually the hero Origami Cyclone. Ivan attempts to flee, but is stopped by Jake.

Later, when the other heroes arrive, Barnaby stumbles across what appears to be Jake but is in fact Ivan - who had been forced to transform into Jake. Kotetsu, believing it to be the real Jake and concerned that Barnaby will act without thinking, intervenes and "rescues" Ivan. Having sustained considerable injuries, Ivan is subsequently sent to the hospital to recover. He wakes up later, once the hero battles have already begun, and informs the city officials of how they can deactivate the exosuits threatening the city. For the duration of the battles, he remains in the hospital - eventually staying with Sky High, Rock Bison and Kotetsu, following their individual defeats.

Mistaken MemoriesEdit

Ivan is among the group Maverick gathers at a supposed announcement party, which instead serves as a means by which to use his NEXT powers to manipulate the memories of those present. As a result, Ivan's memory of Kotetsu being Wild Tiger is altered so that he considers them two separate people. He and the rest of the heroes are then sent out to capture Kotetsu, who has been framed for the murder of Samantha Taylor. Ivan appears to work together with Dragon Kid in this endeavor, at one point turning himself into a wanted poster to sneak up on Kotetsu.

When the heroes manage to surround Kotetsu on Apollon Media's rooftop, Ivan is stunned at the information Kotetsu uses to try and get him to remember: that he has no confidence in his abilities. After the heroes' memories are restored, Ivan and the others are frustrated and confused that they had forgotten Kotetsu and are almost immediately thrown into battle against the False Wild Tiger android. Overpowered, they are all captured and locked in separate rooms, each with a bomb strapped around their neck. They are then informed that if one of them pushes the deactivation button, they will be allowed to leave but the others will all blow up. The heroes are given until the conclusion of the battle of Kotetsu and Barnaby vs. the H-01 android to decide - at which point all of them will explode.

Abilities and Powers Edit

Origami Cyclone has the ability to copy the appearance and voice of others. He does not copy any of their attributes such as strength or NEXT powers. Ivan seems to be quite fast, as he can appear right as the cameras flash.

In episode 21, he demonstrated the ability to either turn into a poster or become invisible, so he might have camouflaging abilities. This also implies that his power isn't limited to humans, he is able to shapeshift into various objects and items. This is proven true in the second movie where he transforms into a vibration plate that reflects the sound power of his enemy.

Aside from his powers, his costume comes with several weapons. He has been shown using shurikens and has a pair of swords on his back, though if he has been trained or not in either of those field of weapons is unknown. In episode 24, Ivan was able to slice down an iron door with the giant shuriken on his back. He is also physically strong, as he was able to jump onto a warehouse when Jake discovered he was a spy. Ivan was also shown able to pilot a helicopter when he was sent undercover as a spy on Jake.

Fitting the theme of his costume, Origami Cyclone is skilled in striking Kabuki poses thanks to diligent practice. He always looks for new moves to add to his routine, taking pride in it.

Hero GearEdit

Hero SuitEdit

Origami Cyclone's costume is highly decorative, and filled with logos from his sponsors. The long handles of a pair of swords protrude from the back and are shown being used in episode 25. On his back is a large shuriken, used in episode 24 and 25, and the armor covers his entire body. Starting in episode 14, he gained several more sponsors than he had previously.


from Tiger & Bunny - The Rising - King of WorksEdit

  • He lives in Sternbild's Bronze Stage
  • His strong points are that he's prudent and discreet.
  • His weak point is his negative thinking.
  • His favorite food is miso soup, and his least favorite is raw foods.
  • He's good at letting things go.
  • His weaknesses/dislikes are getting yelled at, being praised, attracting attention, and going unnoticed.
  • His hobbies are surfing the net (egosurfing) and playing darts.
  • His future goals are to become a reliable hero, and to become a master escape artist.
  • His motto is "Bring ruination to evil spirits."


  • He has almost exclusively placed last in every season of Hero TV.
  • He has the most sponsors of any hero (after episode 14).
  • His powers are based off of X-Men's Mystique.



  1. Monthly Hero, volume 4

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