NEXT Power Diamond Body
Gender Male
Hair Blond
Debut Episode 5
Go For Broke!
Seiyū Tooru Nara

Kyle Hebert (English)

Pauly (ポーリー) is an overweight NEXT who can turn his body to diamond. He is a thief who heads a small gang consisting of Richard and Walter.


Since he is able to acquire whatever he wants, he has a selfish and somewhat childish personality.


Pauly's NEXT power allows him to envelop his body into a diamond skin body. He does not fully turn into diamond, because if he did, Barnaby Brooks Jr.'s (Bunny's) kick along with Wild Tiger's punch, would have destroyed him completely. If he was able to turn full diamond, his body would have shattered, and he would have died as a result. In the anime, however, it shows that he did not die, and that his diamond body was only a cover.


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