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Rock Bison
Identity Antonio Lopez
Nicknames Bull Tank of the West Coast
NEXT Power Impenetrable Skin
Sponsors Gyu-Kaku Movie Version: Gyu-Kaku Hybrid
Sponsor Company Kronos Foods
Age Late 30s
Gender Male
Hair Reddish-brown
Debut Episode 1
All's well that ends well
Seiyū Taiten Kusunoki

Travis Willingham (English)

Antonio Lopez is not only a green-armored brute hero but is Wild Tiger's best friend. His bull-themed costume includes advertising for Japanese barbecue restaurant chain Gyu-Kaku.  


Kotetsu T. KaburagiEdit

Antonio has known Kotetsu since high school and is very close with him. He used to be a bully towards Kotetsu, even leading to a fight between them. But somehow they managed to grow together as friends, and fought daily to train one another. When Kotetsu has problems, he occasionally goes to Antonio for advice. When half the heroes were sent to the hospital by Jake, he could tell that Kotetsu was still injured while the others thought he had completely healed with his 100 fold power.  

Abilities and PowersEdit

TIGER & BUNNY - 01 - Large 05

"W..w.wait! Hold on!"

Tigernadd (25)

Let's go!

It is not specifically told what his power is, but it is most likely super strength, increased endurance or something that increases his physical ability, making him capable of lifting even a large truck. Although in the second episode it is shown that he, even alongside Blue Rose, Sky High and Wild Tiger, is unable to stop the ice rink from falling, meaning his strength is limited to some extent. It is revealed in the first Tiger & Bunny movie that Rock Bison's power is the ability to harden his skin, making him impervious like a rock.

Rock Bison also has a launcher as shown in one of the openings and in episode two, allowing him to propel himself to high or distant locations.

His suit has two giant drills, which can spin and be used for ramming and drilling through things.


RockBison 8925

Rock Bison's costume/armor gives him the appearance of a bull. He is given the nickname "Bull Tank of the West Coast" because of how he charges through enemies using his thick-head, or giant drill shoulders. Also, his drills are functional, he has used it a couple of times to tackle enemies and walls.



  • His picture on Kotetsu's phone is that of an African buffalo.
  • He and Kotetsu are the only known heroes to have known each other before becoming NEXT heroes.
  • There is a similar hero in the manga titled "Ratman"

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