Gender Male
Eyes Gray
Hair Gray
Occupation Robotics Engineer
Debut Episode 15
The Sky's the Limit...
Seiyū Mitsuru Miyamoto (Japanese)
Vic Mignogna (English)

Rotwang (ロトワング) is a robotics engineer and scientist who once worked alongside Barnaby and Emily Brooks. When they died, he decided to "improve" on their robotic research, and proceeded to create androids of his own.

He wanted to create an android strong enough to rise above humans and NEXT, which eventually led to the development of Cis and later H-01.


The Sky's the LimitEdit

Rotwang is first introduced as the creator of the advanced android Cis, into which he programmed information on all of the current heroes. While in the process of transporting Cis, Rotwang's vehicle was struck by lightning and Cis fled. He spent a great deal of time searching for her, and is later delighted upon her impromptu field test against Wild Tiger and Barnaby Brooks Jr., where she proves to be even stronger than those with Hundred Power. Though Cis is ultimately destroyed by Sky High, Rotwang continues to use information gathered from her development for further research.

Mistaken MemoriesEdit

Following the incident with Cis, Rotwang was contacted by Maverick, who had been impressed by Rotwang's work and supported the idea of androids replacing NEXT as heroes. Maverick provided Rotwang with an extremely advanced laboratory to continue android development, which led to the creation of H-01, an android used to replace Wild Tiger when the other heroes' memories were manipulated. Following the other heroes' defeat against H-01, Rotwang set up a trap whereby each hero was placed in a separate room with a bomb around their neck. Once they regain consciousness, he informs them that should one of the heroes opt to press the deactivation switch on their collar, they will be freed but the other heroes' bombs will explode. Rotwang reveals himself to be a NEXT hater, who believes that his androids should replace the heroes. He gives them until when H-01 defeats Wild Tiger and Barnaby to decide, adding that all the bombs will explode afterward, even if no one presses the switch.


  • Rotwang is named after Dr. Rotwang from Fritz Lang's Metropolis, an evil scientist who also created a robotic person.