Sumo Thunder
TnB tR 15
Identity Unknown
NEXT Power Salt Creation
Gender Male
Eyes unknown
Hair Black
Debut Episode 14
Love is Blind
Seiyū Miyamoto Takahiro

Sumo Thunder is one of the Second League heroes who started in Hero TV's new season in NC 1978.


Sumo Thunder first appears with the other Second League heroes in episode 14, in pursuit of "the backstage thief" - a thief obsessed with celebrities who sneaks backstage at various events to steal their personal belongings.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

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Sumo Thunder using his powers in Tiger & Bunny: The Rising.

His NEXT power is the ability to shoot salt from his hands, although this appears to do little more than just annoy criminals.



His hero costume consists of a sleeveless green bodysuit with red and yellow horizontal stripes from the knee down, metal shoulder guards, metal armbands, metal arm guards, a metal collar, and a metal belt. He wears red shoes and a green and red mask with a yellow crescent moon on the forehead and three dangling bead-like attachments on either side.

He also carries a weapon on his back, but it is unknown whether he can use this weapon or if it is simply a part of his costume.