Tiger & Bunny: The Rising
Tiger & Bunny The Rising
Movie Number 2
Air Date February 8, 2014
Directed By Yoshitomo Yonetani
Studio Sunrise
Licensed By Viz Media
Tiger & Bunny: The Beginning

Tiger & Bunny 2: The Rising is the second movie in the series and the sequel to Tiger & Bunny: The Beginning.


Taking place after the events of the original series, Kotetsu and Barnaby had become part of the Second League to train new superheroes. However during this time the superheroes are widely unsuccessful in their tasks as Barnaby is the only one who was still able to bring down petty criminals to justice. As Kotetsu express his doubts of doing hero work while his NEXT power is declining Agnes' project was also in trouble as the ongoing losses are forcing Apollon Media to consider cutbacks. The cutback was averted with two different blessings, Mark Schneider, a famous CEO who is capable of turning even the worst business around to making a profit and NEXT superhero Ryan Goldsmith aka GOLDEN RYAN and Mark Schneider was offered the ownership of Apollon Media. When Barnaby and Kotetsu were offered a new business opportunity, both were seemingly ecstatic to learn they would be able to get off their rocky career as Barnaby also receive a massive pay raise. However Schneider was only keen on bringing Ryan and Barnaby into the spotlight and left Kotetsu with cold feet, Kotetsu does his best to avoid expressing his disappointment being cast aside by Schneider. Around the same time Justice Day was also coming around and like the Superheroes it too was in essence privatized as Barnaby vividly remembers the story where the goddess of Justice unhappy with the greed of man sent curses upon them to teach them a lesson as he visits the orphanage to drop off toys and donations.

After the announcement of GOLDEN RYAN and Bunny returning to the First League, Second League was also cancelled indefinitely at the orders of Schneider who now runs the First and formerly Second League, Kotetsu was summary completely cast aside which leaves him in a less than stellar mood as he copes with being left behind. Kaede, distraught by her father's personal well being sought Blue Rose's help to help turn the situation around for her.

The celebration's preparations however was constantly having problems as NEXT antagonists begin to invoke trouble at the city, from the Amethyst building nearly suffering from collapse (and GOLDEN RYAN saving the day), to livestock thrown into the water and a rash of forced slumber attacks that ends up with Fire Emblem was a victim of as he endures a nightmare where he questions his sexuality. Blue Rose attempts to keep Fire Emblem from incinerating everything in his nightmares which causes concerns about the safety of the people when Justice Day comes. Barnaby predicts this is an attempt to re-enact the curses of the Goddess and Justice Day being the stage for the retribution. The teams go out on patrol on Justice day for the Criminal NEXTs as Kotetsu reunites with his family for Justice Day as Kaede reveals she came here to reinvigorate her father's spirits at Blue Rose's requests. The criminals make their move at 19:00, wrecking havoc in certain areas of the city but avoiding civilian casualties in an attempt to draw out the heroes. As the situation worsens, Kotetsu comes in to take Blue Rose's place in keeping Fire Emblem's powers under control as the heroes struggle to fight off the Criminal NEXTs. Admist the confusion Schneider was kidnapped by a mysterious mechanical beast that takes him from the tower as all of the heroes are unavailable as the criminals threatened to actually harm civilians if they choose to ignore them. With little choice, Agnes uses Schneider's plight to get Kotetsu back on duty for one night as the former Second League members offer to cover for Kotetsu. Fire Emblem eventually builds up the courage as Dragon Kid tells Wong how despite Fire Emblem's questioning his sexuality, his courage as a man and gentleness as a woman makes Nathan Fire Emblem as a burning light of hope which rouses him from his nightmare and joining the fight and all three groups defeat their opponents.

Suiting up for battle, Kotetsu makes chase for the copter only to notice Lunatic about to kill Schneider and the giant robot. Lunatic reveals that the enemy isn't the criminal NEXTs but the secretary Andrew Dingfelder who's father was among the victims of Schneider's corporate raiding, the NEXTs in his employ were also victims of his schemes, Richard Max was part of a boxing league swallowed up by Schneider, Karima Graham who used her NEXT abilities as an entertainer who's carbaret business was shut down and Johnny Wong who was a Monk at at temple which Schneider demolished as part of his business deals. Dundelberry sought to kill Schneider for all of the misery he had caused to everyone in a twisted act of revenge. Kotetsu fights against Lunatic as he wishes to be a hero for the sake of helping others and cares little about the glory part as Lunatic disagrees with him for his naive ideals. He fights with Kotetsu to get him close enough to the real target as he kicks him down to find Barnaby and Ryan having a difficult time against Andrew who uses his metalkinesis powers to turn into the giant Crab sent from the heavens by the goddess. All of the heroes gather their strength together and defeats Andrew once and for all. As the fighting ends, Ryan generously offers Tiger room as a First League hero again and wants him to partner up with Barnaby.

In the post movie credits, Schneider was guilty of corporate raiding and second degree negligence and was sentenced to life imprisonment along with Andrew Dingfelder as the Criminal NEXTs is shown to show signs of rehabilitation in prison as the heroes continue on with their lives.



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