Many NEXT heroes have entered Stern Bild over the years, but these heroes blow the others out of the water. Doc, the healing NEXT doctor, Tigress, the shape shifting feline, Phantom, the shadow controlling NEXT, and the villain Gearhead, the metal controlling NEXT. Each has given these heroes a fair amount of trouble.


Doc is a healing NEXT with telekinetic powers and is brilliant with her medical history. She usually relates to the heroes as a bunch of five year olds, which she mothers one herself. The heroes keep the well trained doctor on her toes with small and major injuries. She is only to heal others with her powers, unfortunately those powers don't heal her.

"This is what I have to deal with Agnes? I have a five year old more mature than this bunch of costume clowns." -Doc

Doc was married at the age of 23, and shortly gave birth to her first child, Abigale. Then, she discovered her NEXT abilities at her hospital after starting a patient's heart with just a touch of the chest. Her imminent reaction was to conceal this new ability from her husband and daughter, but it seemed too late. Her husband did not take the discovery well and abused their daughter whenever she wasn't home. Healing her daughter when she slept, Doc was miserable with her abusive husband and divorces him. This divorce leads the doctor to Agnes, the Hero T.V producer and Maverick. She agrees to spend her countless hours of studying and hands on medical work caring for any of the wounded heroes.


Doc is a woman who thrives off of logic and her wits. She can be a caring person when it comes to severe injuries, she's usually irritated that her time was wasted with simple injuries such as a bloody nose.

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