• Deadeyes234

    Tiger & Bunny Fanfiction

    February 22, 2016 by Deadeyes234

    "Hey, Phantom. You doing anything tonight?" Phantom took her towel off of her sweat covered face to look up at Blue Rose and Dragon Kid in front of her. The two girls were already in their civilian clothes, clean and ready to leave the training room. Phantom set the towel on her right shoulder, leaning back on her hands. She gave them a friendly shrug.

    "Nothing in particular," she replied. "I don't have anything planned except go home and sleep." She stood up off of the bench she was slouched up on, wiping the sweat off of her neck. "Why?"

    Blue Rose looked curiously at her, her left boot working into the floor. "We're just going out to a restaurant, just us girls." Phantom felt a smile tugging at her lips.

    "Alright," she said, turning away. "…

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  • Deadeyes234

    Fanfiction and NEXT Ideas

    February 10, 2016 by Deadeyes234

    Phantom is a shadow controlling NEXT who recently made her big appearance on Hero TV. She is fiery and stubborn, but she can't handle herself when she sees blood. Her work as a hero has taken her mind off of the horrible death her parents suffered when she was just a young child, but unfortunately, the memories and flashbacks will not fade away. She has had a mental break down in the middle of a broadcast, screaming blood murder and turns on the heroes. Wild Tiger can't seem to snap the fierce burnet out of her deadly trance and soon realizes that this was the work of a telepathic NEXT able to manipulate weakened minds.

    Gearhead was a former hero known to the world as Bolt, a NEXT with metal manipulation powers. As most of the heroic NEXTs …

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