Idea number One

Phantom is a shadow controlling NEXT who recently made her big appearance on Hero TV. She is fiery and stubborn, but she can't handle herself when she sees blood. Her work as a hero has taken her mind off of the horrible death her parents suffered when she was just a young child, but unfortunately, the memories and flashbacks will not fade away. She has had a mental break down in the middle of a broadcast, screaming blood murder and turns on the heroes. Wild Tiger can't seem to snap the fierce burnet out of her deadly trance and soon realizes that this was the work of a telepathic NEXT able to manipulate weakened minds.

Idea number Two

Gearhead was a former hero known to the world as Bolt, a NEXT with metal manipulation powers. As most of the heroic NEXTs do, she relied on technology, which caused her suit to malfunction and allow two workers to die. The fire destroyed her right arm, left leg, her heart, and half of her face. Relying on technology to keep her alive, Gearhead took on an apprentice named Silent Yew, a young boy NEXT with teleportation powers. She wants revenge on the heroes, and what better way then to plant bombs on the edge of the city and threaten to sink and kill billions of innocent people. She will have her revenge whether it's killing many innocent people or killing heroes.

Idea Number Three

Tigress is a shapeshifting NEXT, who can turn into any big cat in the world. She has racked up many points in her recent hero time, rising the ranks quickly. She is a skilled hero with a feisty attitude and claws willing to tear flesh. But, she has made enemies that she'd never thought would attack her. Non NEXT thugs attacked the young hero and sexually assaulted her. The NEXT soon came to the knowledge that after she killed her attackers three months after the incident, she was pregnant. Due to her NEXT powers, Tigress' child was born sooner than she had hoped in the middle of a broadcast. After her first son, James (named after her dead brother) was born, she swore never to have another child. She refused to let James know of his true father, and convinced him the Wild Tiger was his father. After the age of three, James developed shapeshifting powers, but he could only turn into a tiger and developed sonic screeches. Tigress and James were attacked in her apartment, a gang of NEXTs kidnapped James and paralyzed Tigress temporarily.

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