I have some new ideas for some fanfiction. I'd like you to read the plots tell me what you think and tell me what might be your favorite.

Persona 4: Tiger & Bunny

Taking place in an alternate universe, Dojima becomes a wizard in order to avoid becoming a NEXT. After studying in Wales, he returns to Inaba to resume his life. But when strange things start happening in Inaba that attracts the heroes, will Dojima use every magic trick in the book to escape his fate? Even making probationary contracts?

(I rewrote the plot cause I thought this would be much better.)

Key Master

While transporting the villian, Arcade, Sora crash lands on Sternbuild were a magic spell turns him into a NEXT. When he signs to become a superhero to buy parts to fix the Gummi ship, he accidentaly makes Kotetsu and Barnaby into Keyblade wielders which causes the Heartless to appear in Sternbuild. Sora, Kotetsu, and Barnaby must work together to stop Arcade and the Heartless from destroying everything. And things start to get even worse when Lunatic gets involed.

The Adventures of Angela and Edward

After the untimely death of Mifune, Angela decides to go out into the world to find her true place in life. She arrives in Sternbuild around the same time as Edward is released from prison. When the two meet, they both go on many adventures to dicover the mystious orgins of the NEXTs' exisitance and why an old enemey who everyone thought was dead is so interested.

Tiger & Bunny: The Golden Playhouse Mystery

Kotetsu meets up with his old friend, Vincent Brooks, after not seeing him for a long time. The odd thing is that Vincent and his other friends are still the same age as they were when Kotetsu first met them as a kid. Now he and Barnaby must find out why Vincent and the others are still young. For Kotetsu, it may also explain the mystious 'dreams' he has been having lately.


Ken Amada wakes up in Sternbuild without any memory of how or why he's there and is found by Kotetsu who takes him in. If that wasn't weird enough, Ken suddenly becomes a NEXT! And not only that, the Apathy Syndrome appears in Sternbuild! Ken, Kotetsu, and Barnaby must work together to stop the Shadows and help Ken regain his lost memory.

Kid Whirlwind

"Syaoran" Li finds himself in Sternbuild on his quest to find his and Princess "Sakura's" clones. When he arrives, he becomes a NEXT and is signed on with Poseidon Line and becomes partners with Sky High. But he fears this will keep him from his mission and his love. Will "Syaoran" learn what it means to be a true hero? And what does it have to do with the return of an old foe?

To read the story, click here.

Detective Conan vs Tiger & Bunny: The Wonderland Witch Murder

Also a crossover with Alice in the Country of Hearts with the plot of Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney. After a series of events, the characters of Detective Conan and Tiger & Bunny find themselves in Wonderland which has been grasped in fear of witches. Now our heroes must solves the mystery of the witches if they ever hope to see home again.

Tiger & Bunny: The Blue Exorcist

Rin finds himself in Sternbuild without any memories of how he got there. When he meets Barnaby, Barnaby discovers deep secret about his father and nanny... They were exorcists. Now, in order to be spared from the God of Death, Barnaby must go with Kotetsu and Rin to True Cross Academy to meet Death's demands.

That's all the stories I thought of. Forgive me if I misspelled anything and tell me in the comments about the stories.

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