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Chapter 1: Arrival

As 'Syaoran', Kurogane, Fai, and Mokona lifted into the air to depart from Clow, 'Syaoran' and 'Sakura' shouted to each other in unison, "I want to tell you my true name! It's Tsubasa!"

At this, the two lovers stared at each other in suprise at the discovery of having the same name.

Before Syaoran knew it, Sakura had disappeared from his sight.

"You'll see her again, Syaoran," said Fai as he, Syaoran, Kurogane, and Mokona were flying through the vortex.

"I hope you're right," said Syaoran.

But as they moved further into the vortex, a powerful force hit them.

"What was that!?!" shouted Kurogane.

"Something's not right!" shouted Mokona. "Everyone, grab hold of each other!"

Mokona grabbed hold of Kurogane's head (much to Kurogane's displeasure, but tolerated it) and Kurogane grabbed hold of Fai's hand. But as Fai reached out to grab Syaoran's hand, he and the others saw him drifting away.

"Help!" shouted Syaoran.

Fai managed to catch Syaoran's hand. But the mysterious force kept pulling on Syaoran, trying to separate him from the others.

"Hold on!" shouted Fai.

"I... can't... hold... AHHHH!"

Fai's grip broke, forcing him to let go of Syaoran.

"SYAORAN!" everyone shouted as Syaoran flew off away from them.

Syaoran screamed as his friends moved further away from his friends and everything went dark.

Sternbild City

Keith Goodman (who was secretly the superhero Sky High) had just arrived at the fountain plaza of the park with a bouquet of flowers for a girl he met there. He was going to ask her out on a date. And so, he waited and waited and waited. Before he knew it, it was now night.

She's not coming, he thought to himself.

Admitting his deffiet, Keith got up from the bench, when to the nearest trash bin, and threw the flowers in there.

Keith was heart-broken. He had been stood up.

Keith had only just started walking away when a big gust of wind blew. This didn't bother Keith very much do to his job as the 'Wind Wizard of Sternbild, Sky High'. But then, he had a strange feeling. Like something big was going to happen.

What's going on? Keith thought. Why do I suddenly have this feeling?

Keith noticed the source of the mysterious wind coming from deep within a part of the park that had a lot of trees surrounding it. Curious, Keith went to the empty area. As he arrived, the wind began to swirl around a clearing. Then, the sky above the clearing began to bluer. Then (to Keith's own horror and surprise), the blurred sky dropped down on the clearing. When the drop of sky hit the ground, it dissolved. When it cleared, all that was left was boy lying on the ground. Keith immediately ran to the boy. He got a good look at the boy. The boy had brown, unkept hair.

Who is this kid? Keith thought.

The boy suddenly rustle a bit then opened his eyes a bit revealing light brown eyes.

"Hey," said Keith. "Are you alright?"

"What? Where?" asked the boy, weakly.

"Just hold on. I'll see if I can take you to a hospital."

At this, the boy felt assured and passed out on the ground.

Keith managed to lift the boy off the ground and ran off to take him to the nearest hospital.

Syaoran opened his eyes. They hurt because they were exposed to light when he opened them. So he opened them slowly. He saw that he was in a white room. Right of him was a window that was dark revealing it was night but was still a bit bright which revealed that it was in a city. Left of him was a door which was closed. Syaoran moved his head up to see that he was lying in a bed. He tried to move a bit. He noticed that he was wearing nothing but his underwear which with the rest of his lower half of his body was covered in a white sheet. He saw that there was a strap on his arm that was hooked up to a machine which he knew right away was tracking his heart beat. Syaoran looked further to right to see two chairs. One chair had his clothes neatly folded and placed on. On the chair next to it was a man. The man was wearing what looked like an indigo pilot jacked, blue jeans, and had blonde hair. The man was fast asleep. Syaoran tried to move again, but his body ached with pain, forcing him to moan. This woke the man up. He turned to Syaoran to look at him. The man had blue eyes. He almost reminded Syaoran of Fai. The man smiled at him.

"Oh," said the man. "You're awake. I was worried."

"Where am I?" Syaoran asked.

"You are in the hospital," answered the man. "I was hoping you would answer somethings."

"Like what?"

"Like." The man hesitated for a moment, unsure about how to ask, but finally said. "Like how you suddenly fell from the sky."

This shocked Syaoran. This man saw him coming to his world. But he sighed knowing that this man knows.

"If it makes you feel any better, I should introduce myself. I'm Keith. Keith Goodman."

This made Syaoran feel a bit comfortable. At least this man is trustworthy enough to tell him his name.

"I'm Syaoran. Syaoran Li."

Syaoran explained his story the best way he could while Keith did his best to understand.

"My," said Keith at the end of Syaoran's story. "That was kinda interesting. So now you're searching for this 'other you' and this other... Am I correct, her name is 'Sakura'?"

Syaoran didn't feel right revealing Sakura's true name.

"Yes. So me and my friends decided to travel to other worlds to find them."

Syaoran then remembered his friends.

"Wait! Where are my friends? Fai? Kurogane? Mokona?"

"I don't know. But if they're anything like you, I'm sure they're fine."

Syaoran was releaved.

"I hope you're right. Hold on. I never did find out what world I'm in."

"You're in Sternbild City. The home of the heroes."

"'The home of the heroes?' Why do they call it that?"

Keith was about to answer when a strange sound appeared. It was coming from Keith. Keith rolled up sleeve to reveal a white strap on his wrist that was flashing and sounding some kind of alarm.

"Do you trust me?" asked Keith.

Syaoran thought for a moment. This man might be trustworthy enough to reveal to anyone in this world that he is from another world.

"Yes," answered Syaoran.

"If you trust me enough with your secret, then maybe I can trust you with a secret of mine."

"What kind of secret?"

"Can you stand?"

Syaoran move out of the bed. His body was now healed and can move without pain.


Keith handed Syaoran his clothes back and removed the strap from Syaoran's arm.

"Then get dressed and I'll show you."

With that, Syaoran dressed himself and ran after Keith who rushed out of the room.

And thus, their adventure begins.

Chapter 2: NEXT

"THIS IS HERO TV! The only station bold enough to give you live coverage of real heroes! As usual, I'm your host, Mario! Just recently, an armored truck carrying rare diamonds for the Sternbild Museum has been hijacked by two crooks. One of them has been identified as a NEXT. So far, no heroes have arrived yet."

Keith and Syaoran ran until they arrived on a bridge. Keith looked down the side of it. Beneath them was an empty street with nothing but a strange looking truck.

"So, let me get this strait," said Syaoran after Keith. "This world is full of people with powers called 'NEXT'?"

"Yup," said Keith.

"And some of these NEXT are heroes?"

"That's right."

"And you're one of them?"

"They call me Sky High. I can control the wind."

"But if you can control the wind, why don't you use it to fly to where you want to go?"

Keith smiled.

"Without a jet pack, all I can do is float."

With that, Keith glowed blue along with his eyes and began to levitate off the bridge and fell slowly to the street below. Syaoran was surprised by this. Without thinking, Syaoran jumped after him. Thankfully, all the times he trained with Kurogane, Syaoran managed to land himself safely on his feet on the street.

"Nice landing," said Keith.

"Thanks," said Syaoran.

Keith and Syaoran entered the strange truck. Inside, it was dark. But then, it lit up purple. Syaoran saw that Keith had somehow immediately changed into into a black jumpsuit with blue lining on it. Then, a blue light spread pass Keith. Syaoran knew it was scanning Keith. As this was happening, a woman's voice came from the ceiling. Syaoran saw it was coming from some speakers.

"Bonjour, heroes. An armored truck carrying rare diamonds was hijacked by two thieves. One of them has been identified as a NEXT. Heroes, take extreme caution."

"What kind of NEXT are they, Agnes?" asked Keith.

"According to witnesses, this NEXT can turn anyone she touches to stone. She did this to the guards driving the truck. Thankfully, it's only temporary and the guards will be alright."

"That's good to hear," said Keith.

After the scanning was done, Keith was now in a strange white and grey armor with a purple cloak. The armor also had words on them, but the most noticeable one was one that a black trident sitting on its side had the words 'Poseidon Line' on it. Lastly, Keith put on a cube=shaped helmet with gold lining 

"Uh, Keith?" asked Syaoran. "What's with those words?"

"They're sponsors," answered Keith. "In this world, when a NEXT becomes a hero, they can be paid for it if they sign on with a sponsor. My sponsor is Poseidon Line which is in charge of the city's monorail."

"Wow," said Syaoran.

Then, the roof of the truck opened Keith, now as Sky High, turned on his jet pack and flew up into the sky.

"I know it's irregular, but..."

A purple light shone next to Syaoran to reveal a motorcycle.

"I hope you know how to work that thing."

"Where did you get that thing?"

"It was a gift from one of my fans. Though, I never use it because my preferred method of travel is... Well, you get what I mean." Sky High was pointing to his jet pack.

Syaoran looked at the motorcycle. His clone rode something like this in Piffle World and gained his abilities when he awoke.

"I'll try."

With that, Syaoran got on the motorcycle and started it with ease. Before they knew it, Sky High and Syaoran were on their way to the crime scene.

The truck the criminals were in was on its way to their destination when they spotted something bright behind them. When they looked, they saw in odd-looking red and yellow car. They knew immediately who was chasing them.

"Amazing!" shouted Mario on tv. "Fire Emblem has earned points for being the first to arrive!"

Fire Emblem kissed the end of his fingers and a fire ball formed in his hand and he through it at the truck, causing the the back of the truck to partly melt away.

"Damn!" said one of the crooks. "He'll be a problem."

"I'll handle it, bro," said the other crook. 

She pulled out a rose. The other crook glowed blue and well as her eyes and the rose quickly turned to stone. She sticked her head out of the side winder and threw the stone rose backwards at Fire Emblem like how a ninja throws a star. Fire Emblem managed to dodge the rose only to find it sticking by its stem to the head of the seat.

"Oh, my," said Fire Emblem to himself. "Now that was close."

With him knowing, a blue blur zoomed passed Fire Emblem.

"The affection of all the men is making her move!" shouted Mario.

"My ice is a little cold," said Blue Rose, riding her motorcycle after the truck. "But your crime is completely put on hold!"

The NEXT crook pulled out a megaphone and spoke through it.

"That's lame! Why don't you try something better? Like, 'Roses are red but I am blue and I'll be the one to stop you too!'?"

"That's even lamer!" shouted Blue Rose.

"You're funeral!" shouted the NEXT and the megaphone instantly turned to stone and she threw it at Blue Rose.

Blue Rose managed to move aside before the stone megaphone hit her and blasted her ice gun at the melted back of the truck which became frozen in ice.

"Kid!" shouted Blue Rose. "You're up!"

Up ahead on a bridge over the road, Dragon Kid was ready. As the truck was now close, Dragon Kid jumped up and landed on the roof of the truck. Dragon Kid activated her powers and her staff sparked with electricity. And with one mighty blow, Dragon Kid hit the ice with her staff and the ice shattered, opening the truck. Then, she got in.

"Amazing!" shouted Mario. "Dragon Kid broke the ice to get into the truck to get the bad guys! Now that will earn a lot of points!"

Inside the truck, Dragon Kid closed in on the crooks.

"Give up," said Dragon Kid. "There no escape."

"That's what you think," said the NEXT crook.

She got off her seat and grabbed the staff which turned to stone, welding Kid's hand to it. Then she lifted the staff with Kid and flung her against the wall of the truck, knocking Kid out.

"Stop the truck, bro!" shouted the NEXT.

Her brother stopped the truck. He and his sister grabbed as many diamonds as they could carry and made a run for it. But before they could go any further, they hit something hard and something green.

"That was a close one!" shouted Mario."Luckily, Rock Bison managed to get in their way!"

"What do we do, now?" asked the non-NEXT.

"Leave it to me," said the NEXT.

She began touching the bottom of Rock Bison, turning it to stone and trapping him on the street.

"Wait! What are you doing!?! STOP!" pleaded Rock Bison. But she didn't stop.

The NEXT (Okay, this is getting ridiculous. Let's just call her Medusa.) grabbed hold of Bison's mask which turned to stone and ripped off the lower have of the mask exposing the mouth but not the rest of his face.

"How's about a kiss?" asked Medusa.

Without receiving an answer, Medusa pressed her lips against Bison's. And instantly, Rock Bison turned to stone.

"Oh no!" shouted Mario. "She has turned Rock Bison into... well, his name sake."

"Let's go!" shouted Medusa to her brother. (Let's call him Midas.)

Medusa and Midas ran for it. They had arrived at a ware house district.

"We can hide out here," said Medusa.

"Let's go," said Midas.

But before they could move, a near by lamp post grew arms and grabbed Midas. With a flash of blue light, the lamp post transformed.

"Just awesome!" shouted Mario. "One of the perps fell for Origami Cyclone's trap!"

"Save me, sister!" shouted Midas.

"Sorry, little bro," said Medusa. "If I try to turn him to stone, you'll turn too. You're on your own."

With that, Medusa ran.

"You bitch!" shouted Midas. "Just wait till I tell mom!"

"So, this is what sibling rivalry's like," whispered Origami Cyclone.

Sky High and Syaoran arrived at the ware house district.

"Ready to see how we work?" asked Sky High.

Syaoran nodded.

"Good. But I ask that you try to watch from a safe distance. Okay?"

"Okay," said Syaoran.

With that, Sky High took off into the sky.

I hope he'll be alright, Syaoran thought to himself.

Just then, something zoomed past Syaoran. When Syaoran noticed, he saw what looked like two light moving further ahead of him. One was green and the other was pink. Curious, Syaoran decided to follow.

I know I promised Keith, thought Syaoran, starting up the motorcycle again. But I have to know what those lights were.

With that, Syaoran rode after the two lights.

In the air, Sky High searched the area until he finally spotted Medusa headed into one of the ware houses. Sky High zoomed into the window of the ware house.

"Halt in the name of justice!" shouted Sky High.

"Unbelievable!" shouted Mario. "Sky High earns extra points for that grand entrance!"

Sky High began to create a cyclone around Medusa, trapping her.

"You'll never take me alive," said Medusa.

She took out another rose and it turned to stone. She then threw the rose at Sky High. The flower of the rose hit Sky High's helmet, causing him to lose his concentration and causing the cyclone to disperse. Medusa took her leave.

"Come back!" demanded Sky High and flew after her.

Medusa exited the ware house and was headed out of the district. She knew if she could make out, she'll be outside the city limits where heroes will have no authority to arrest her. In order for her arrest to be legal, Medusa still has to be in the city limits. But as she approached the exit, two men in armor (one was green and the other was pink) landed hard in front of her.

"At last, the moment you've all been waiting for!" shouted Mario, now more excited than ever. "The greatest superhero team ever to hit Stirbild! The veteran hero and the young MVP! Ladies and gentlemen, WILD TIGER AND BARNABY!"

"I think that's far enough," said Wild Tiger.

"And how far do you think I should go?" asked Medusa, sarcastically.

"I think you pretty much know," answered Barnaby.

Medusa made a charge at the heroes, preparing to turn them to stone. But Tiger and Barnaby split out of the way and Barnaby, who activated his power, karate chopped on Medusa's back. Medusa moaned in pain a bit.

"Well," said Medusa, smiling. "I see you're no ordinary pretty boy."

Then, Tiger, who also activated his power, tripped Medusa, causing her to fall and drop the bag of diamonds.

"Bunny ain't the only one," said Tiger.

Barnaby, a little irritated at Tiger stupid nickname for him, walked over to Medusa, about to slap handcuffs on her. But before doing so, Medusa grabbed Barnaby's hand which turned to stone and threw him on his back. Then Medusa touched rest of Barnaby's body which also turned to stone except for the head.

"Don't bother," said Medusa. "Even Mr. Legend couldn't break free of that."

"Okay, no one insults Mr. Legend like that!" shouted Tiger, angry at how this woman talk about his hero.

Medusa tried to run off, but she was stopped by Sky High.

"I wouldn't go any further if I were you," he said.

"Thanks and thanks again for the save," said Tiger.

"Hey!" said Sky High. "That's my line!"

But as Tiger approached Medusa, something tripped him. It was Midas.

"You!?" said Tiger. "But I thought-"

"Cyclone may be good with trapping people," Midas interrupted. "But he's not very good and holding onto them."

Meanwhile with Origami Cyclone, he was lying on his back in pain from Midas managing to brake from him.

"Ow," he said, weakly.

Back with the others...

"Now if you don't mind," said Midas, walking towards the bag of diamonds. "My sister owes me one."

"You'll have to get past me first," said Tiger.

But before Tiger could make a move, his eyes suddenly stopped glowing.

Damn! Not again, Tiger thought to himself. He knew what just happened. His powers ran out too soon again.

Midas thew the first punch, knocking Tiger down.

"What the matter?" said Midas, mockingly. "Out of juice?"

Syaoran, who was watching the whole thing, knew he couldn't just stand there and watch this guy get hurt. He had to do something. So, with out thinking, Syaoran got off the motorcycle and ran towards Tiger and Midas. What he didn't noticed was that as he ran, a gust of wind followed him.

"Leave him alone!" shouted Syaoran.

With on leap kick, Syaoran knocked Midas out.

"What's this?" said Mario. "A kid just knocked out that crook with just one kick! Either he's crazy or brave is anyone's guess!"

"Uh... Thanks," said Tiger.

"Syaoran?" asked Sky High.

But in the confusion, Medusa seized the opportunity, got up her feet grabbed Sky High. Tiger and Syaoran tried to get to them.

"Uh, uh, uh," said Medusa, who garbbed the lower half of Sky High's helmet which turned to stone and was ripped off, exposing the lower half of his face. "Make one more move and I give goody-two-shoes her a smooch. And if you still keep coming, well, let's just say this guy will be 'heartbroken' at the thought of leaving him."

Seriously? thought Sky High, irritated at how ironic that pun sounded.

Syaoran was fustrated at this. The only person who could help him in this world was going to die if he didn't do something.

Without noticing, gust of wind blew past him and surrounded Sky High and Medusa.

What was Syaoran to do? If only Fai or Kurogane were here, they would think of something.

The wind blew harder and dark clouds started coming in.

Syaoran couldn't take it anymore. He just couldn't.

"What's going on here?" asked Medusa, noticing the strong winds around her and turned to Sky High. "What are you doing?"

"I'm not doing anything," said Sky High.

"Look!" shouted Barnaby from the ground. "Up there!"

Everyone but Syaoran looked up. The dark clouds were now hovering over Medusa and Sky High, sparking with lighting and roaring with thunder.

"But, how?" asked Tiger, who suddenly noticed something glowing next to him.

He looked to see where the glowing was coming from.

It was Syaoran. He was glowing blue and when he looked up at Medusa, his eyes were glowing blue too.

"Let him go," said Syaoran.

"What?" said a scared Medusa.

Syaoran couldn't hold his anger in anymore. And with one breath he shouted,"I SAID LET HIM GO!"

With that, a bold of lighting shot down from the sky hit Medusa, shocking her into submission and forcing her to let go of Sky High. When it was over, Medusa fell to the ground, out cold.

Everyone stared at Syaoran with shock and disbelief about what has happened.

"Syaoran?" asked Sky High. "You're a NEXT?"

Syaoran saw what he had done.

"Did... Did I just do that?" asked Syaoran, scared. "What... What's happening to me? I don't understand!"

"I cannot believe what I just saw!" shouted Mario, also in the same state as Sky High, Tiger, and Barnaby. "The kid who just saved Wild Tiger is a NEXT and has also saved Sky High! Could this be the birth of a new hero? I'm just as excited here to know!"

Meanwhile, in the Apollo Media's command room, Agnes Joubert, the woman in charge of Hero TV and her two assistants, Kain and Mary Rose, saw the whole thing.

"Cut to a commercial," said Agnes. "Now!"

Moments later, back at the ware house district, the police arrived and arrested Medusa and Midas.

Suddenly, Barnaby's body changed back to normal.

"Well," said Barnaby. "Agnes did say the effects would wear off."

Meanwhile, with Dragon Kid and Rock Bison, Kid's staff changed back to its normal self, freeing Kid's hands. Bison also managed to break from from his stone prison.

"Bison," said Kid. "You alright?"

"Just a little stiff in the neck," said Bison. "And maybe my arms. My legs. And maybe the rest of me. Other than that, I'll be okay. Just remind me that when this season is over, I'm asking my boss for a vacation."

"You and me both," said Kid.

Back with the others, Syaoran sat on a crate, thinking about what has happened. Why was this happening? How did he become what the people of this world call a NEXT?

"Syaoran?" asked Sky High. "You okay?"

"I just don't know," answered Syaoran. "How did this happen? Why am I suddenly a NEXT?"

"That's what we like to know," said Tiger, walking up with Barnaby. "Who are you? I don't think I've seen your face before."

Barnaby simply put his hand to his face in embarrassment.

"Look," said Barnaby. "Let's just head back to Justice Tower and see what we can find out. Okay?"

Everyone agreed.

"Tiger," said Sky High. "I think Syaoran might be a little overwhelmed about being a NEXT. Do you think you could let him ride in the side car? You can ride the motorcycle he came in."

"Alright," answered Tiger and got on the motorcycle and rode off with Barnaby, Syaoran, and Sky High following.

On the roof of one of the ware houses, a dark figure watched the whole thing.

"My," said the dark figure. "This will be interesting."

Meanwhile in a field, Fai searched for his friends.

"Syaoran!" he shouted. "Kurogane! Mokona! Can you hear me!?"

"I'm right here!" came Mokona's voice.

Fai found Mokona in the tall grass.

"Thank goodness," said Fai. "Have you seen Syaoran or Kurogane?"

"No," said Mokona.

"First we lose Syaoran, now Kurogane is missing."

"I'm sure those two will be fine. But first, we better find out where we are."


Fai looked around until he saw a sign.

"Let's try that sign over there."

Fai, carrying Mokona, walked over to the sign and read it. It said: 'Welcome to Oriental Town'.

"Oriental Town?" asked Mokona.

"I guess we'll learn more if we take a look around," answered Fai.

Chapter 3: "Me? A hero?"

Syaoran found himself in a room in Justice Tower. A whisper-speaking man named Saito told him to go inside to test his new power. Inside, robots came. Syaoran activated his power. But instead of another thunder storm, he created a blizzard that froze the robots in their place. Then, he made it rain which short circuit them. From the control room, Keith, Tiger (now back to Kotetsu), Barnaby, and Saito were watching Syaoran on a monitor.

"(Interesting)," whispered Saito.

"What?" asked Keith, who couldn't hear what Saito said.

"He said Syaoran's powers are interesting," answered Barnaby.

"Oh," said Keith. "But still, I'm concerned. I didn't think he would be a NEXT. What power does he have anyway?"

"(Judging from what you described about that thunder storm and how he just made a blizzard and rain, I can only assume he has atmokinesis)," answered Saito, quietly.

"Atmokinesis?" asked Kotetsu.

"Weather Manipulation," answered Barnaby.

"You're saying Syaoran can control the weather?" asked Keith.

Saito turned to Keith and nodded.

"(It's a very rare power that only a few have ever seen)."

"So that would make almost more powerful than any of us heroes," said Keith.

"Hey!" said Kotetsu. "I've probably had powers long before he has."

"But not so much lately," said Barnaby.

This struck a nerve in Kotetsu.

"(Anyways)," continued Saito. "(I'm still not so sure on what to think of this. I would like to run some more tests)."

"If that's what it takes to find out what's happening to me," said Syaoran, entering the control room.

"Syaoran?" asked Keith, worryingly. "Are you okay?"

"Just a little tired," answered Syaoran.

"Come on," said Kotetsu. "I'll get you something to drink."

With that, Syaoran followed Kotetsu and Keith out of the control room, leaving Barnaby and Saito to talk, into a work out room where two other heroes were doing some last minute work out before they headed home for the day.

"Oh, my," said Fire Emblem, who had return to his persona as Nathan Seymour. "What's a cutie like him doing here? Keith, aren't you afraid he will reveal our secret identities?"

"He's one of us, Nathan," answered Keith as he and Syaoran sat down on a bench as Kotetsu went to get drinks.

"Really?" asked Blue Rose, real name Karina Lyle. "This kid's a NEXT?"

"That's what Saito said," answered Kotetsu, who came back with a bottle of Pepsi NEX for Syaoran and a can of coffee for Keith. "He said he can control the weather."

"Really?" asked Nathan, interested.

"Well, he said he needed more testing," answered Syaoran, nervous around someone as flamboyant as Nathan.

"Hey, lay off the kid," said Karina.

Just then, Rock Bison (Antonio Lopez), Dragon Kid (Pao-Lin Huang), and Origami Cyclone (Ivan Karelin) all walked in weakly from tonight's escapade.

"Hey, Antonio," said Kotetsu. "You okay?"

"Apart from my body still being a little stiff from Medusa's touch, I'm great," said Antonio, sarcastically.

"I know," said Pao-Lin, rubbing her hands. "My fingers are still stiff."

"And my ribs are still soar from that blow from her brother," said Ivan.

"We managed to convince our bosses to give us some time off," continued Antonio. "Now if only we knew how to spend that time to get over what happened."

"I think I have an idea," said Kotetsu who reached into his pocket and pulled out what looked like a flyer. "My mom sent it to me. It's suppose to be a coupon for a new spa back in my hometown. My mom said she couldn't go because she has to take care of Kaede and Kaede has school. My brother couldn't go because of his work. They sent it to me but I can't go because Lloyds keeps me and Bunny busy. So I thought, maybe you guys could go."

"Well," said Pao-Lin, who looked at Antonio and Ivan for support. After a while, she took the coupon and said, "We'll consider it."

"That's great," said Kotetsu. "Well, I'm off."

"Where are you going?" asked Nathan.

"My old boss, Ben, said he needed to meet with me. Said he needed to tell me something."

With that, Kotetsu left. Antonio, Pao-Lin, and Ivan went somewhere to discuss the spa. Eventually, Nathan and Karina left as well. Syaoran and Keith were the only ones left, discussing about how his world is like.

"Since you came all the way here," said Keith. "Why not stay with me?"

"Really?" asked Syaoran.

"Well, you got to have a place to stay while you're in this world."

"Thank you."

With that, Syaoran and Keith left Justice Tower. Later, they were at Keith's apartment where John (Keith's dog) jumped up to greet his owner.

"I know, boy," said Keith through John's doggy kisses. "I miss you too."

"Is he your dog?" asked Syaoran.

"Yep. This is John."

John sniffed Syaoran for a while and began licking his hand.

"It's nice to meet you too, John."

John panted with happiness.

Keith lead Syaoran to the dinning table where a fancy dinner was already set up.

"Wow. Keith, did you make all this?"

"Yes. I was originally going to share it with this girl I met. But..." Keith hesitated. He didn't want to admit that he had been stood up. Especially to a visitor from another world. "She couldn't make it," he lied.

"Oh. I'm sorry."

"It's alright. I don't mind. At least I know I won't have any left overs if I let you eat with me."

"Really? Thank you."

With that, Keith and Syaoran ate their dinner. When they were done, Keith lended Syaoran his pajamas while Keith merely took off his shoes and jacket.

"You can sleep on the bed for tonight."

"Thank you. But what about you?"

"Me? I'll be alright on the sofa." He still didn't want to admit that he was still upset about being stood up.

With that, Syaoran put on the pajamas, climbed into Keith's bed, and slowly fell asleep. Keith laid on the sofa, still upset and heartbroken about that girl. What could have happened to her?

Meanwhile back at Justice Tower, Saito (who was alone because Barnaby had already left for home) was watching the monitor that was replaying the tests he had for Syaoran. Then, he secretly looked around to check if anyone was there and took out a phone and hit the dile button. After a few rings from it, someone on the other end picked up.

"(He's here)," said Saito into the phone.

Meanwhile in Oriental Town, Fai and Mokona managed to find a bench in the park. They sat down.

"Phew," said Fai. "We search all over this place and we still haven't found any sign of Syaoran or Kurogane."

"We're just gonna have to try harder in the morning," said Mokona. "Right now, I'm exhausted."

"You're right. Since we don't have any money from this world, this bench will have to do for now."

As Fai laid down on the bench and Mokona laid on Fai's chest, the same dark figure watched them from a nearby tree.

The next morning, Syaoran and Keith returned to Justice Tower to continue the testing with Saito.

"(Welcome back)," said Saito. "(While you were gone, I had an idea and made this)."

Saito flipped a switch and a light turned on to show a costume similar to Sky High's except that the hem of the coat was shorter and the top part of the helmet was missing but still had the jet pack.

"What's all this for?" asked Syaoran.

"(I just thought this might help during the testing. What do you think)?"

"I don't know," said Keith. "This seems a lot like you're trying to make him a hero right away. He hasn't even went to the Hero Academy."

Syaoran fell silent for a bit about what Keith said.

"Me?" said Syaoran. "Me? A hero? SHUT UP!"

"What?" asked Keith. He wasn't used to something like this.

"('Shut up' doesn't always mean 'shut up')," explained Saito. "(In other places, it could mean: 'oh my', 'gee whiz', 'golly wally'...)"

"Okay. I get the picture," Keith said quickly.

"It's just that," Syaoran began. "I just don't think I could be... Well, I did do something worthy of a hero. But I don't think I could be this kind of hero. You have sponsors. Doesn't  that sound like the sponsors own you?"

"That's not necessarily true," explained Keith. "We can pretty much do whatever we want as long as it doesn't effect the sponsors in a negative way."

"(Exactly)," said Saito. "(We're not going to force you into becoming a hero. That's your decision)."

"Alright," agreed Syaoran.

"(Now put on your costume and we'll begin)."

Syaoran nodded and took the costume to put on.

"Say, Saito," said Keith. "I have a question. Why did you make his costume like mine? Aren't you with Apollon Media? Why did you help me from Poseidon Line?"

Saito smiled.

"(That's my secret)."

"Okay. I'm ready," came Syaoran's voice over the intercom.

Keith and Saito looked at the monitor. Syaoran was now wearing the costume (except for the helmet which he was carrying under his shoulders) when he entered the training simulator.

"HEY SYAORAN!" came Saito's voice which had been magnified by the intercom. "HOW'S THE SUITE?!?"

"To be honest, I feel a little silly in this thing," described Syaoran.

Syaoran then put the helmet on. When he did, holographic images appeared. Syaoran was surprised at first, but then realized what these images where for. They where displaying information to him. On the suite and his surroundings.



Saito began the simulator. Robots with torch guns came firing them. Syaoran concentrated. How can he make that blizzard come back? Then, he thought of Fai. He remembered how Fai described his world as cold. Then, it began to snow. Syaoran concentrated on turning that snow fall into a blizzard and sure enough, a blizzard came and blew out the robots' torches. The robots left and were replaced by an empty tank. Syaoran concentrated again. Then, he thought of Mokona. He remembered how it rained when he first came to his world. Then, it began to rain. Syaoran concentrated on making the rain heavier and sure enough, the rain almost instantly filled the tank which weighed how much water was in it: 139 gallons. The tank was then replaced by a generator. Syaoran once again concentrated. He thought of Kurogane. About how he had a stormy personality. Then, a thunder storm came. Syaoran concentrated on making the storm bigger and sure enough, a large bold of lighting struck the generator which absorbed the strike and analyzed how strong it was.


Syaoran looked around. The thunder storm was still going on. How was he going to make it stop? Then, Syaoran realized that whenever he thought of his friends, the weather changes depending on which friend he thought of.

So, Syaoran thought. If Fai is snow, Mokona is rain, and Kurogane is thunder, then maybe...

Without any hesitation, Syaoran thought of the only person in his heart who always makes his life sunny.

He thought of Sakura. He remembered how hot and sunny her world was but never bothered him much because she was there. The moment he thought of her, the thunder storm stopped entirely.

Later, Syaoran was entering the training room find Keith, Nathan, and Karina talking while Kotetsu and Barnaby were working out. As he entered, Keith, Nathan, and Karina looked up from the conversation to look at Syaoran.

"Oh, my!" shouted Nathan. "Aren't you the cutest thing in that get up!"

He ran to embraced Syaoran.

"Wait! Stop!" shouted Syaoran, trying to break free of Nathan's grasp.

"Knock it off, Nathan," said Karina. "The guy just went through some harsh tests. He's gonna need all the air he can get."

"Whoops! Sorry," said Nathan, letting go of Syaoran who was now blushing.

Syaoran looked at Keith who was laughing at what he just saw. Then, he looked at Barnaby who was running on a tread mill. Then, he looked at Kotetsu who was really hard at work at a weight machine.

"I know, right?" said Nathan. "Kotetsu has really been hard at work since this morning. I wonder what's got his nickers in a twist?"

"Has anyone tried to ask him?" asked Syaoran.

"Believe me, I tried," answered Karina. "But he just continued with his training. I swear he's being of an idiot than usual today."

"Just ignore him," said Barnaby.

Suddenly, an alarm went off and Agnes's voice sounded.

"Bonjour, heroes. Something has happened near the prison."

"What happened, Agnes?" shouted Karina.

"The NEXT from yesterday, Medusa, has escaped police custody and was last seen headed for the Stern industrial district."

"She's trying to get to the warehouse district again," said Barnaby. "Agnes, are any other heroes on the scene yet?"

"Rock Bison, Origami Cyclone, Dragon Kid are still at home preparing for the vacation and are unable to come," said Agnes. Barnaby looked shrewdly at Kotetsu. "The Second League are already there, but they're having a difficult time trying to catch up. Wild Tiger, Barnaby, Blue Rose, Fire Emblem, Sky High, head down there now."

"HEY BOSS!" boomed Saito's voice. "WHY NOT LET THE NEW GUY COME ALONG!?"

"You mean the kid?" asked Agnes. "I know he has a strong power (I've seen the tape), but don't you think you're getting a head of yourself putting him out into the field like that?"

"JUST TRUST ME!" said Saito.

Agnes was silent for a moment and finally said, "Very well. But for his own safety, I ask that he sticks with the Second League. You hear that, kid? Syaoran, isn't it?"

"Yes, ma'am," answered Syaoran.

"I'm going to pair you up with the Second League of heroes. They're the younger heroes. Stick with them and you shouldn't get hurt. Understand?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"Ready for your first day on the job?" asked Kotetsu, coming over to Syaoran.

Syaoran nodded.

"Then, let's get to it!"

In the Stern industrial district, Medusa was driving a stolen police cruiser to the warehouse district.

"This is Hero TV Breaking News!" shouted Mario. "Just half an hour ago, Medusa, one of the criminals from last night turned the police man who was handling her to stone. And now she's trying to get back to the warehouse district. No doubt trying to finish off what she started. What will happen now? Wait! What's this the Second League has somehow managed to catch up to her!"

Medusa looked be hind her. The SL were chasing her in a mini van they borrowed moments ago.

"I don't think so," said Medusa.

She reached into the back to pull out a nightstick which she turned to stone with her touch and threw it out the window. It flew backwards and hit the windshield of the van which cracked.

"Yikes!" said Sumo Thunder.

"Don't worry," assured Ms. Violet, driving the van. "She's not the only one who can use projectiles."

With that, Ms. Violet stuck her hand out the window, pointed her fingernails, and shot them at the cruiser. The nails hit the rearveiw mirror.

"Don't you know breaking a mirror is seven years bad luck!?" shouted Medusa.

"If that's what it takes to stop you!" Ms. Violet shouted back and fired more nails at her.

After many attempts, the nails hit the tires of the cruiser and it stopped. Medusa came out of the car and made a run for it. But the SL drove ahead of her, blocking her way. The SL came out of the van.

"Let's see you try to escape this," said Chopman.

He grew his hand to large size and was ready to hit Medusa. But as it dropped, Medusa grabbed the big hand which turned to stone. Then, she threw the hand back.

"Hey!" shouted Chopman, trying to pick up his large, heavy, stone hand. "I can't get it back to normal size!"

"That's too bad," said Medusa with a smirk.

Ms. Violet shot her nails at Medusa. But she kept dodging them. Then, Medusa grabbed hold of Ms. Violet's hands, forced them to the ground, and turned them to stone, locking it to the ground. As Ms. Violet tried to get her hands free, Sumo Thunder stepped in front of Medusa. He pointed the palms of his hands at her and shot salt at her which had very little effect on her.

"What was that?" said Medusa, sarcastically.

"An effort to stop you?" said Sumo Thunder, nervous.

Medusa grabbed hold of Sumo Thunder's legs which turned to stone, locking them in place.

"Can't move," said Sumo Thunder, struggling to walk. "It's like wearing pants made of stone."

Medusa looked at the only SL hero still standing, Bombeman.

"You," said Medusa, grabbing a hold of Bombeman. "They say you can breath underwater, yes?"

Bomberman nodded nervously.

"Then," said Medusa, smiling dangerously and ripping the lower half of Bombeman's mask. "Let's see if you can breath through this."

Medusa then kissed Bomberman on the lips, instantly turning him to stone. With that, Medusa made a run for it.

"Oh, this is terrible!" shouted Mario. "Medusa took down the Second League without a fight. And now the main heroes are here! And they have someone new with them! They're checking on the SL."

"Are you guys okay?" asked Wild Tiger.

"We'll be fine," said Ms. Violet. "It is temporary, right?"

"Right," answered Sky High.

"Is there anything we can do?" asked Syaoran.

"If you have a way I can go to the bathroom while I'm like this until it wears off, that will be great," said Sumo Thunder.

"TMI," said Blue Rose.

"Just go get her!" said Ms. Violet.

"Alright," said Barnaby. "Syaoran, you stay with the SL. We'll handle Medusa."

Syaoran nodded and the other heroes ran after Medusa. Syaoran stayed with the SL just like Agnes says.

"GO WITH THEM!" boomed Saito's voice in Syaoran's helmet.

"But Agnes said..." began Syaoran.


Not sure what to do now, Syaoran did what Saito told him. He ran in the direction the other heroes went. Before he knew it, he was back in the warehouse district. Then, he herd noises coming from behind one of the warehouses. Syaoran looked and saw the other heroes cornering Medusa. Fire Emblem made a ring of fire around Medusa.

"Try to escape that, dear," challenged Fire Emblem.

"Gladly," said Medusa.

With a might leap, she jumped the flames and on Fire Emblem. He fell on his back which Medusa lock to the ground with her stone touch.

"Oh, no! I can't get up!"

"Who's next?" challenged Medusa.

"I'm next," said Blue Rose, tacking her liquid guns out. "Time to find out that my ice is a little cold..."

"You're still using that line?" said Medusa, laughing.

"Hey!" shouted Blue Rose, agitated. "It's not my fault that the sponsors stuck me with a dumb line like that!"

With that, Blue Rose fired her guns at Medusa. But she dodged it and grabbed Blue Rose's guns which turned to stone. Blue Rose, not wanting to be turned to stone herself, dropped her stone guns and ran for it, screaming.

"That's right folks," said Mario. "It's her Cutie Escape!"

"So much for that," said Tiger. "Guess I'm up!"

"Wait!" said Barnaby, stopping his partner. "You want to be stoned, too?"

"I'll stop her!" shouted Sky High as he formed a whirlwind around Medusa, trying to lift her off the ground as he shouted, "SKY HIGH!"

Medusa pulled out two roses, turned them to stone, and stuck them hard into the ground, keeping her from being lifted.

"You're going to have to do better than that," said Medusa.

"Not unless someone helps him," said Syaoran.

"Kid!" shouted Tiger. "What are you doing here? Bunny told you to stay with the SL."

"I had to," said Syaoran. "There's no way you can get her without turning to stone."

Sky High thought for a moment.

"Let him do it, Tiger," he said. "He's right."

"Okay," said Tiger, reluctantly agreeing. Go for it, kid!"

Syaoran nodded. He activated his powers and concentrated on creating a whirlwind of his own. He thought of the only person who would be able to make him create wind.

He thought of Sky High. He thought of Keith.

With that, a faint but strong whirlwind came and surrounded Medusa. Syaoran concentrated hard on making the wind stronger, and it did, causing Medusa to let go of the roses. It spun her round and round until she started to get dizzy.

"I think she's confused enough!" shouted Sky High. "Now's your chance!"

"Right!" shouted Barnaby. "Saito! Activate Good Luck Mode!"

With that, Barnaby's leg grew as did Tiger's arm. Then, they both struck Medusa, knocking her out. Sky High and Syaoran stopped their whirlwind and dropped Medusa on the ground.

"They did it, folks," shouted Mario. "The heroes with the help of a possible new hero, stopped Medusa in her tracks! Way to go, you guys!"

Moments later, the police came took the unconscious Medusa into custody. But as they carried her into the police van, something came out of her pocket. This caught Barnaby's attention.

"What is that?" asked Barnaby.

"It looks like a diamond," answered the police man who picked it up. "You think it might be one of the diamonds she and her brother stole last night?"

The police man handed the diamond to Barnaby. But something was odd with this diamond. For some odd reason, it was glowing. But it couldn't be from the sun. In fact, it was mostly cloudy.

"Saito," said Barnaby though his com link. "Something's not right with this diamond. Do you think you can scan it for me."


Back at Justice Tower, Syaoran, Keith, Kotetsu, Barnaby, Nathan, and Karina were taking a breather when Agnes bursted in and marched towards Syaoran.

"Are you crazy!?!" she shouted. "Are you trying to ruin my show?"

"Huh?" asked Syaoran, scared.

"If you would have gotten hurt or killed, it would cause a lot of controversy for Hero TV. Plus, you helped Sky High steal Barnaby's thunder."

"And Tiger's," added Kotetsu.

"Not now!" snapped Agnes and turned back to Syaoran. "Do you have any idea what you could have done?"

"No," said Syaoran. "I'm sorry."

"Don't be, my boy," said a voice from the entrance. It came from an old man in a brown business suite and glasses and had a big mole on his head. This was the CEO of Apollon Media and creator of Hero TV, Albert Maverick. And he was accompanied by Saito and another man in a gray business suite and a purple tie. This was Maverick's subordinate and Kotetsu's and Barnaby's boss, Alexander Lloyds.

"Mr. Maverick," said Agnes. "This kid nearly ruined the reputation of Hero TV."

"On the contrary, Agnes," said Maverick. "I just checked the ratings. I haven't seen them this high since Barnaby joined the show."

"R- Really, sir?" said Agnes, dumbstruck.

Maverick nodded. Then, he walked over to Syaoran.

"Tell me, young man," said Maverick. "Who are you?"

"Syaoran, sir," answered Syaoran, giving a small bow. "Syaoran Li."

"I see," said Maverick, giving a small smile. "Tell me young man, how would you like to bypass the Second League and join the main cast?"

"What!?!" Syaoran shouted in surprised.

"If I were you, kid," said Lloyds. "I wouldn't turn down the offer. Since almost half of our heroes will be leaving for some time, we will need all the help we can get." He eyed Kotetsu.

"Well," said Kotetsu, nervous and sweating. "At least I know they didn't turn down my gift. I'm sure they'll like the spa."

"I'm sure they will," said Maverick. "Which is why I will be going with them. My doctor said that for my own health, I will be taking a leap of absence and going with Bison, Origami, and Kid to the spa in Oriental Town. And until I get back, Lloyds and Saito will be in charge. So what do you say, Syaoran?"

"I don't know," said Syaoran. "I came to this city with some friends and I was hoping Keith would help me find them."

"If you work for us," said Lloyds. "The both of you will have help finding your friends."

Syaoran thought for a moment. Afterwards, he finally said, "I suppose. If it will help me find my friends."

"Wonderful," said Agnes, overjoyed. "But just so you know, kid, Barnaby is the King of Heroes in this season. So you better stay out of his and Tiger's ('There. Happy?' she said to Kotetsu.) or there will be trouble. You got that?"

"Yes, ma'am," said Syaoran.

"Well," said Maverick. "Since you seem to be close to Sky High, I'll send a message to the CEO of Poseidon Line to see if you can sign on as your sponsor.  Now that that's settled, I'll be off to pick up the other heroes so we can leave together."

With that, Maverick, Lloyds, Agnes, Syaoran, Keith, Kotetsu, Nathan, and Karina left. Barnaby and Saito were left alone.

"Here," said Barnaby, giving Saito the glowing diamond.

"(I'll see what I can find out)," said Saito, who left with Barnaby.

Meanwhile in Oriental Town, Fai and Mokona had continued their search for Syaoran and Kurogane. But still, no luck.

"I'm hungry," said Mokona.

"But we still don't have any money from this world," said Fai. "And since Sakura isn't here to win us any money, we'll have to work for it. The question is: Where?"

Suddenly, the two found themselves in front of a big, oriental looking building. On top of the entrance, was a sign say that it was a spa. Hanging under the sign was a banner that said, 'Grand Opening'.

"Maybe we can find work there," suggested Mokona.

"It says they just opened," said Fai. "So I guess that means they don't have many employees. Let's see what we can do."

And with that, Fai and Mokona went inside. It was as oriental inside as it was out. Fai, with Mokona hiding in his pocket went to the front desk.

"Excuse me, sir," said Fai.

"Yes," said the man at the desk. "May I help you?"

"I noticed that you just opened. I was hoping that you have any openings for work here."

"I'm not sure. We already seem to have enough workers here."

Meanwhile, in another room in the building that was dark, the dark figure watched what was happening in the lobby on a monitor. He then picked up a phone and dield.

(Phone call)

Man: Front desk. How may I help you?

Figure: It's me.

Man: Yes, sir. What is it?

Figure: The man that you are speaking to.

Man: What of him, sir?

Figure: Hire him.

Man: What?! But, sir, we already have enough employees here.

Figure: Hold on. (Short pause. Followed by a horrified scream and something heavy hitting the floor. Pause again. Speaking continues.) Now we have an opening.

Man: Understood, sir.

(End call)

"Good news," said the man. "We just have an opening. You're hired."

"Thank you," said Fai.

The man wrote a note and handed it to Fai.

"Give this to the man in the back room. He'll tell you what to do."

With that, Fai and Mokona went to the back room.

An hour later, Maverick, Antonio, Pao-Lin, and Ivan came into the lobby.

"Excuse me," said Maverick.

"Yes, sir," said the man. "How may I help you?"

"We have a coupon for a fortnight stay here." Maverick handed him the coupon.

"Yes. Welcome to the spa. I will have someone come and get your bags." The man went to the back room.

"Wow," said Antonio, looking around the lobby. "When they make a Japaneses style resort, they go all out."

"I don't know," said Pao-Lin, unsure. "It may look Japaneses, but it looks more like Chinese to me."

"Though," said Ivan, who was reading a brochure he got at the entrance. "What they have here sure does seem good. Look."

Antonio and Pao-Lin huddled together with Ivan too see the brochure.

"You're right," said Antonio. "They've got messages, mud baths, saunas, yoga, health food restaurants, swimming pools, rec rooms, movie theaters (which sometimes also show Hero TV)."

"Wow," said Pao-Lin, amazed. "They've got hot springs. Those are rare to come by."

A moment later, Fai (in employee uniform which was a yukata with black, white, red, and gold patterns) came.

"Hello," said Fai. "My name is Fai and I will be handling your stay here. If you need anything or have any questions, come speak to me."

"We will. Thank you," said Maverick.

Fai picked up the fours' bags and carried them to their rooms.

Back in the dark room, the dark figure watch thing unfold in the lobby. Then, he got up from his chair and walked to the only spot of light in the room which was shining on a fancy, Chinese looking bed.

"You're friends are here," said the figure. "Don't worry. You'll meet them soon. Though, you won't remember them." And began humming a tune.

On the bed... Was an unconscious Kurogane.

Chapter 4: Fame in one week

(This is a montage. I can only pick the music. I'll let you decide what happens in the montage.)

Montage music:

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(End montage.)

"Amazing! It's been almost a week and the new hero, who we now call 'Kid Whirlwind', has earned public acceptance and is almost as popular as Tiger & Barnaby. I wonder how this will transpire."

"Damn that kid!" complained Agnes. "Didn't I warned him?"

Agnes was in the desk room with Kotetsu and Barnaby.

"But you heard what Mario said," said Kotetsu. "Syaoran's 'almost' popular as me and Bunny. We're still on top."

"Oh sure," Agnes said, sarcastically. "You may be on top now. But if this goes on, that brat will be on top."

"Okay," said Kotetsu, worried.

"Don't worry, Agnes," ensured Barnaby. "We'll try better next time."

"Actually Barnaby," Agnes said, cheerfully. "You keep doing what's best for you. If anyone here needs to do better, it's you." She pointed at Kotetsu.

"Besides," continued Barnaby. "I'm pretty sure his stay with Hero TV is only temporary until he finds his friends. When he's gone, things should be back to normal by then."

Agnes sighed. "I suppose you're right."

Kotetsu simply stared. How can things go back to normal when his powers might possibly be gone?

In the training room, Syaoran was working on a weight machine when Keith came in with a newspaper.

"Hey," said Keith. "Have you seen this?"

Syaoran stopped his work out to look at the newspaper.

Kid Whirlwind: Prince of Heroes?

In the past week, the mysterious new here, Kid Whirlwind, has some ranking. No one has seen a rookie gain this much popularity since our currant King of Heroes, Barnaby Brooks Jr., joined Hero TV as the first superhero duo with Wild Tiger. Using his powers to control the weather, he is able to capture the criminals. Now, after gaining a total of 2034 points, Kid Whirlwind ranks 2nd place in the Hero Ranking with Barnaby still in 1st as the King of Heroes. Because of this, he has earned the title 'Prince of Heroes'. Though, he and most others in Hero TV state that this is only temporary and that Kid Whirlwind will not be staying on the show very long. Why this is so, apart from filling in for Dragon Kid, Rock Bison, and Origami Cyclone, is unknown.

"Looks like everyone likes you."

"I suppose so," said Syaoran a bit nervous and went back to his work out.

I can't believe I've become this popular so fast, Syaoran thought to himself. And it's not getting me any closer to finding my friends.

As this went on, Kotetsu came in. He noticed Syaoran working out. Even though he new Syaoran is more popular than him and Barnaby, he should at least try to be more friendly with him.

"Hey, Syaoran!" said Kotetsu as Syaoran finishes his work out for a break.

"Yes, Mr. Tiger?" asked Syaoran.

"Oh, please. Call me Kotetsu. We may be competing against each other, but we can still be friends."

"Oh. Sorry."

"It's okay. So, how are things going for you?"

"Fine. Mr. Lloyds seems a bit hard but after gaining the show so many viewers, he gave me what I needed to live in the city. Like an apartment so I don't have to continue living with Keith."

"That's good to hear."

"I wonder if I manage to find my friends, I'd like to show it to them."

"I see. So, what kind of people are your friends like?"


Syaoran didn't know what to say. Kotetsu doesn't know he's from another world. He was afraid what he might say would let him know. So he would only tell him somethings.

"Well, my friend, Fai, I guess, he's a bit like Keith."

"He's that cheerful?"


Yikes, Kotetsu thought to himself.

"Anyone else?"

"There's Kurogane. He's an expert swordsman."

"Huh?" said Kotetsu, worried.

"I mean, he just likes swords and is an expert on them," Syaoran said, quickly.

"Well, that's good to hear," said Kotetsu, relieved. "Is there anyone else? Like say... a girl?"


How did he know? Syaoran thought, nervously.

He looked over at the tread mill and saw Keith. When Keith noticed this he blushed.

Keith, Syaoran's thoughts continued.

"So what? Is she your girlfriend or something?" Kotetsu continued.

"Well, I do love her, if that's what you mean."

Syaoran didn't know what to think. He does love Sakura, but does he really have the guts to call her his girlfriend?

"What's that? You love someone?" asked a voice. It was Nathan.

"Well, yes," said Syaoran, stopping his work out. "She is at her home very far away."

"Really?" asked Nathan, more curious. "How far? Because if you get lonely sometimes, I have a shoulder to cry on." Nathan began moving further to Syaoran, making him nervous.

"Oh cut it out already!" shouted Kotetsu.

"Well, excuse me," said Nathan, coldly and began moving away from Syaoran. "I was just trying to comfort him. He's in a place that's different from his home where a lot of people who care about him are." With that, Nathan left.

"Sorry about that," apologized Kotetsu.

"It's alright," said Syaoran. "But you did sound a bit upset. Is everything alright?"

Kotetus didn't know what to say. He didn't want this kid or anyone to know that he was losing his powers. Especially Bunny.

"I'm... just tiered," he lied. "I'm just gonna do one last work out and be done. So if you're done with that machine, can I have a go?"

"Yeah, I'm done anyway."

With that, Syaoran made his way to the tread mills while Kotetsu began working on the machine. Syaoran got on the tread mill next to Keith.

"How could you tell him?" asked Syaoran, flustered.

"I'm sorry," said Keith. "It just slipped. I just thought everyone should know about Sakura and that your relationship is going well; unlike mine."

"What?" asked Syaoran, curious.

Keith was hesitant for a while then finally spoke up.

"Can you keep a secret?"

"Of course."

"Do you remember when you got here to Sternbild?"


"I told you that I was waiting for someone."


"And I told you she was late."


"Well,... I lied."


"She wasn't late. She stood me up and never showed. I was going to ask her to be my girlfriend, but she never came."

"Oh, I'm sorry."

"It's not your fault. I was upset. And the worst part is I don't even know her name."

Syaoran was silent. I saw how depress Keith was now. He knew he just couldn't leave him like this. He had to think of something. After a while, Syaoran finally came to a decision.

"Then,... We should go find her."

"What? Syaoran, you don't have to do that."

"But Keith, we're friends. Should you at least let me help this once?"

Keith thought for a moment and said, "I guess we should try. And while we're at it, we should also find your friends."

Syaoran knew he had to find his own friends as well, but realized he had to help Keith first.

"I'm sure my friends can wait a bit longer. For now, you need all the help you can get."

"Are you sure?"


"Syaoran... Thanks. AND THANKS AGAIN!"

Syaoran laughed a bit from that 'thank you'.

"We should look for her after we're done here."

After sometime, work ended for the day and Syaoran and Keith made their way to the park. They started at the fountain plaza where Keith first met the girl. They asked people if they had seen her, but all they told them was that she comes to the plaza each day and sits on the bench in front of the fountain and does nothing but sit there quietly and staring into the distance and quiet recently talked to by Keith.

After asking a bit more, they got a lead. A painter who comes to the park regularly saw her come in from the main entrance. At the entrance, they met a hot dog vender. They asked if they had seen the girl. The vender said he sees her go in from up the street. As they got there, they met a crossing guard who told them that the girl came from a cross the street from the park. They went up the street where the guard saw the girl came from. They walked until they arrived at a store where the owner told them that the girl came from a building across the street from the store.

"This must be it," said Syaoran as he and Keith stood in front of the building where they think they might find the girl.

"I hope so," said Keith.

Syaoran and Keith walked up the steps to the door and knocked. No one answered. They knocked again. Again, no one answered. Curious, Keith tried the handle. It was unlocked.

"Why would the door be unlocked," asked Keith.

"I don't know," said Syaoran. "Let's take a look inside."

The two went inside. When they did, the place was empty. In fact, it was a wreck.

"Look at this place. How can anyone live here?" continued Syaoran.

They searched the building for any clues about the girl, but they found nothing. Until...

"Syaoran! I found something!" shouted Keith.

Syaoran ran up stares into a room. Keith was standing next to something that was smelling horribly. It was a rotten apple.

"What is it?" asked Syaoran.

"This apple. I gave it to her. Look."

Syaoran took a closer look at the apple (he held his nose). On the apple was a sticker.

"I remember this sticker on this apple when I gave it to her. She was here."

"But why? This place looks like no one lived here for a long time. There's not even any power."

"I don't know. Maybe we should ask around some more."

"I guess we could try."

After a while, Keith and Syaoran returned to the park just when it was getting dark. When they arrived, they noticed something that wasn't there before.

A little ways from the fountain was an old woman in a wheelchair. She looked like she was knitting something. Then, she noticed how late it was getting, she tried to put her knitting away but dropped it. Syaoran and Keith went over to her and picked up her knitting.

"Oh, thank you," said the old woman.

"It was not trouble," said Syaoran.

As the lady finished gathering her things, she looked up at Keith.

"I've seen you somewhere before."

"You have?" asked Keith.

"I have. You're that young man who is with that young lady every night."

"You've seen her?" asked Keith.

"Yes, dear. And I also heard about your problem from that nice painter. Perhaps I may help."

"You can?" asked Syaoran.

"Yes. I've seen her. But I must return home. I have to make dinner for my family."

"Then, maybe we can help," suggested Syaoran. "Then you can tell us everything you know about the girl?"

"You would?" asked the lady. "Oh, thank you."

"Alright then," said Keith who went behind the lady's chair and began rolling her away.

"By the way," said the lady. "We haven't been properly introduced. My name is Origa Petrov. I am Death."

"Huh?" Syaoran and Keith said in unison.

"Oh," continued Origa. "Did I say something? Forget about it. I have no idea what I said either."

"Petrov?" asked Keith. "I've heard that name before. You wouldn't happen to know a Yuri Petrov would you?"

"You know my son?" asked Origa. "I see. You must be friends of his."

"Kind of," answered Keith.

"Who's Yuri Petrov?" asked Syaoran.

"He's a judge," answered Keith. "He works for the Justice Bureau. Whenever a hero is put on trial, he's usually the one who oversees it."

"I didn't know that heroes get in trouble too," said Syaoran.

"They do," said Keith. "Especially if the sponsors are involved. If we destroy anything, the sponsors will be held responsible. This is something Wild Tiger knows the most but still destroys things in order to save people."

"I see," said Syaoran.

Maybe that's why Kotetsu was upset, Syaoran thought to himself. He must have caused Apollon a lot of trouble and now they're making him take most of the blame. But I still don't know.

A while later, they arrived at Origa's apartment.

"Thank you," said Origa. "Since you came all this way, why not come in for dinner? We can discuss more about that mystery girl."

"Okay," said Syaoran.

As they went in, Origa said loudly, "Yuri! I'm home!"

"I'm in bathroom! I was just about to shower!" said a voice from the hall.

"We also have guests!" said Origa.

"It's Keith Goodman and Syaoran Li, Judge Petrov!" said Keith.

"Very well!" responded Yuri. "As long as your stay is brief!"

"Please, have a seat," said Origa.

Syaoran and Keith sat at the table. Keith then noticed that a picture was next to him. It was a picture of chunky, middle age man with light hair just like his wife's and had two beard stubs on his chin.

"Who's that?" asked Syaoran.

"That's my housband," answered Origa. "Please don't mind him, he likes to prat along about his job."

"Huh?" said Syaoran.

"Syaoran," whispered Keith and beckoned Syaoran to come closer. "I've seen this kind of thing before. When my grandmother passed away, my grandfather never got over it. So he took a picture of her and pretended that it was my grandmother. He's fine now, but I'm afraid that Mrs. Origa is long gone. Just don't tell her anything that would upset her."

"Alight," said Syaoran.

After a while, Origa had finished making dinner and set it on the table.

"Please, everyone eat," said Origa.

As they ate, the sound of water being shut off told them that Yuri was done showering.

"He's done," said Origa. "I'm sure he will join us soon."

"Mrs. Petrov," said Syaoran. "What does your husband do?"

"Why do you ask me?" asked Origa. "My husband's right there." She pointed at the photo. "Tell them, dear. What is it that you do."

The photo remained silent.

I see what Keith meant, Syaoran thought to himself.

"Now about the girl?" asked Keith.

"What girl?" asked a voice.

Coming out of the hall was a man with long light hair and pale skin. He was dressed in a button up shirt with the front open to reveal his chest and black pants and was bare footed. But the most notable feature was his soulless looking eyes.

"Oh, Yuri," said Origa. "So glad you could come. These nice boys helped me get home."

"Good evening, Judge Petrov," greeted Keith.

"Hello," said Syaoran.

Yuri just stared.

"Yuri, dear," said Origa. "Could you please pass the vinegar, please."

Yuri continued to stare.

"Oh, never mind. I'll get it," continued Origa. "Oh, it's just Yuri, dear," she spoke to the photo. "Don't mind him. Boys will be boys."

Suddenly, Origa tried to get up from her wheelchair, but fell on the floor. Syaoran and Keith got up to try and help her back on the chair, but they stopped when Yuri walked over to his mother until he stood over her.

"Don't make me repete myself again, Mom," said Yuri. "Dad has been dead for years."

After hearing this, Keith, Syaoran, and most of all, Origa gasped. Then, Origa scowled dangerously at her son. She turned to Syaoran and Keith and said, "Get out."

"But-" started Keith.

"I SAID GET OUT!" repeated Origa, loudly.

Not wanting to upset Origa further, Syaoran and Keith did as they were told and left the kitchen and into the living room. Right after that, they heard Origa shouting from the kitchen then something breaking and more shouting. After what seemed like a long time, the shouting stopped. Then, Yuri stepped out.

"I apologize for my mother's behaver," he said. "She still refuse to believe my father is gone."

"I know how she feels," said Keith. "My grandfather was the same."

"Excuse me," said Syaoran.

"You're Kid Whirlwind, are you not?" asked Yuri.

"You know about my identity?" asked Syaoran.

"As a judge, it's his job to know," explained Keith.

"I understand that you have gained much popularity," said Yuri. "I'm sorry we didn't meet sooner. I wanted to wish you the best of luck until the rest of the heroes return."

"Well, thank you," said Syaoran. "I'll try my best until they come back."

"That won't be too difficult," continued Yuri. "Follow your own code of justice."

After saying this, Keith just turned away.

"if it's alright, sir," said Syaoran. "Is it alright if we spoke with your mother now? We were going to ask her for help."

"About that girl?" asked Yuri. "I'm afraid my mother may not be much help. But if you need anything, I might be able to help. I understand that you're also looking for someone, Mr. Syaoran."

"Yes, my friends," said Syaoran. "But I'd rather look for the girl Keith has been seeing first. Your mother said she saw her and that she might give us some information. That's why we're here."

Yuri pondered for a moment.

"Very well," he finally said. "But be brief. My mother is probably exhausted."

Syaoran and Keith nodded. They went back in the kitchen to find all the plates shattered on the floor. Origa was sitting on her wheelchair again looking at the photo of her husband.

"Mrs. Petrov?" asked Keith. "Are you alright?"

Origa looked up from her photo at Keith. She stared at him and Syaoran for a while... And smiled.

"It's nothing, dears," she said. "Yuri was just being his mischavis self."

"Should we clean this up?" asked Syaoran.

"That's alright," said Origa. "Yuri will clean it. In the meantime, do you think you can help me to bed?"

"Sure," answered Syaoran.

Syaoran and Keith escorted Origa to her room and helped her into her bed and gave her her medication.

"Thank you," said Origa. "I don't know what to do. My husband is gone. This is the only way to keep me happy. The only way to keep me going."

"It's not easy," said Keith.

"Don't worry," said Origa. "I'm sure things will work out eventually. Now about the girl. Did she have light hair?"

"Yes," Keith answered.

"Steely eye?"


"A white and red dress?"


"A red band in her hair?"


"And said odd things like, 'I am sorry.'"

"Yes, that's her. Do you know anything?"

Origa was silent for a moment as she thought.

"I think," she said. "That right after you left, another man came."


"Yes. He was an odd looking man. I think he called her something. I think that was her name."

"What was her name?" asked Syaoran.

Origa thought for a moment.

"I think it was... Cis."

"Cis?" asked Keith. "Do you mean sis as in sister or Cis spelled C I S."

"I'm not sure, dear," said Origa. "They left in quite a hurry."

"Could you tell us more?" asked Syaoran. "Like about the man?"

"As I said," answered Origa. "He was an odd looking man. He looked more like a clown. He had light hair like the girl, a black caot and gloves, and..."

"And a big, red nose?" asked Keith.

"Why, yes," said Origa. "How did you know?"

"Just like you said," said Keith. "He looked like a clown."

"Is there anything else?" asked Syaoran.

"I'm afraid that's it," said Origa. "I have told you all I know."

"Thank you," said Keith. "We will be leaving now."

"Yes, thank you," said Syaoran.

With that, Syaoran and Keith left Origa's room. On the way out, they encountered Yuri again.

"I apologize if my mother's information wasn't what you thought," he said. "But if you ever need any help, please let me know."

"Thank you, Judge Petrov. I'll consider it," said Keith.

With that, Syaoran and Keith left.

Syaoran Li, Yuri thought, clutching a fist. I only pray that you will heed what I said about following your own code of justice. Because if don't, I'll just have to show you my own code of justice.

Then, Yuri opened his to reveal... A small green flame.

Sometime later, Syaoran and Keith stopped at a coffee shop to go over what they have discovered.

"Cis lives in a building no one has lived in for years," explained Syaoran.

"And she went off with a man," said Keith.

"She not back at that place and no one has seen her since," said Syaoran. "Keith, how did you really know what the man looked like?"

"The description Mrs. Petrov gave us. It fits the description of a criminal me, Tiger, and Barnaby arrested sometime ago."

"Really? Who was he?"

"His name is Rotwang. He created a killer robot that attacks heroes. But I don't understand. When we arrested him, he didn't have anyone with him. Just the robot."

Syaoran took a sip of his coffee and thought about what to do. Then, he got an idea.

"Keith, is Rotwang still in prison?"

"I think so."

"Maybe we can ask him."


"If Cis went with him, maybe he might know what happened to her."

Keith thought for a while as he drank his coffee. Then, he agreed.

"I suppose it's worth a look."

"Then it's settled."

"Syaoran... Thank you. But are you sure we shouldn't be looking for your friends as well."

Syaoran knew this was true. But Keith has done so much for him. He couldn't just go look for his friends without thanking him first.

"Right now, you're important, Keith. Before I can think of my happiness, I have to think about yours."

"Syaoran... Thank you. You're doing all this for me. First, you save me from Medusa, now you're helping me find the woman I love. Why?"

"Because,... We're friends. And friends should help each other."

Keith just stared at Syaoran. And Syaoran stared back. Then, they smiled at each other.

"Keith?" asked Syaoran.

"Yes, Syaoran," answered Keith.

"Is... Is it alright if I called you Keith-kun?"

Keith-kun? Keith thought to himself. Ivan told me about kun. He said it was an honorific that is often used between male friends.

Keith thought for a moment and said, "Of course. But on one condition."

"What that?"

"I... I want to call you Syaoran-kun."

"Of course."

Syaoran and Keith smiled at each other more. Then... They pulled each other into a bro hug.

Meanwhile, in Saito's lab in Justice Tower, Saito was still examining the diamond Barnaby gave him. After much research, Saito had completed his examination. When he took a look at the results, he gasped in fear.

Oh no, he thought to himself. This can't be good. I better report this. To both of them.

Saito took out his cellphone and diled Barnaby's number.

"What is it, Mr. Saito," answered Barnaby.

"(Barnaby)," said Saito. "(I finished examining the diamond. Come see me tomorrow morning)."

Saito diled another number.

(Phone call)

Saito: (It's me, again.)

Girl's voice: What is it, Saito?

Saito: (I've just discovered something terrible.)

Girl's voice: What's wrong?

Saito: (A diamond Barnaby has asked me to check is giving off a very powerful aura. It's almost mystical.)

Girl's voice: That does sound terrible. If it's what we feared, then this is something the heroes of your world won't be able to handle this alone. I think it was fortunate that Syaoran arrived in Sternbild, but he may not be able to help the heroes alone.

Saito: (Yes. He need those three friends he came with.)

Girl's voice: True. But it may take more than that.

Saito: (You mean that girl Syaoran cares about a lot?)

Girl's voice: Yes. Their powers are more powerful together.

Saito: (So what? Does that mean you're going to send her here?)

Girl's voice: It may look so. In time, I will send Sakura to you.

Saito: (I understand.)

Girl's voice: And Saito.

Saito: (Yes, ma'am.)

Girl's voice: Thank you again for helping Syaoran.

Saito: (You're welcome. In fact, I should thank you too. How did you know Syaoran was coming?)

Girl's voice: ... Would you believe it came to me in a dream?

(End call)

(End of chapter. That took a long time. Now you may write whatever you want in the comments. Now I may not add anymore chapters soon. I'll be busy on Tumblr as of June 1 with another project, but I'll try to finish this story when I have the chance. Thank you.

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