I got the idea from some fan art I saw on the Internet. I hope you can tell me what you think:

Kotetsu Kaburagi (aka Wild Tiger)

Arcana: Justice

Persona: Power

Barnaby Brooks Jr

Arcana: Fortune

Persona: Fortuna

Antonio Lopez (aka Rock Bison)

Arcana: Chariot

Persona: Slime

Pao-Lin Huang (aka Dragon Kid)

Arcana: Strength

Persona: Hanuman

Nathan Seymour (aka Fire Emblem)

Arcana: Sun

Persona: Jatayu

Ivan Karelin (aka Origami Cyclone)

Arcana: Hermit

Persona: Nidhoggr

Karina Lyle (aka Blue Rose)

Arcana: Priestess

Persona: Ganga

Keith Goodman (aka Sky High)

Arcana: Star

Persona: Fuu-Ki

Agnes Joubert

Arcana: Devil

Persona: Succubus

Yuri Petrov (aka Lunatic)

Arcana: Moon

Persona: Girimehkala


Arcana: Magician

Persona: Pixie

Jake Martinez and/or Kriem

Arcana: Lovers

Persona: Raphael (Jake) or Queen Mab (Kriem)

Well, that's all of it. I would have also written about their Shadow Selves, but I didn't have the time. It may not be perfect, but that's what I think. Tell me what you think or what the other characters' Arcanas and Personas might be in the comments below. Thank you.

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