Andrew Scott/Virgil Dingfelder

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Identity Andrew Scott (アンドリュー・スコット)
Nicknames Virgil Dingfelder (ヴィルギル・ディングフェルダー)
NEXT Power To incorporate machines with his body
Gender Male
Eyes Gold
Hair White
Relatives Anthony Scott (father)
Debut Tiger & Bunny: The Rising
Seiyū Daisuke Hirakawa
Crispin Freeman (English)

Andrew Scott (アンドリュー・スコット), aka Virgil Dingfelder (ヴィルギル・ディングフェルダー), worked as Mark Schneider's secretary at Gargoyle Technica. He is revealed to be the main antagonist of the film, having infiltrated Gargoyle Technica to set up a plan to take revenge upon Mark Schneider for the death of his father.


As Virgil, he shows loyalty and diligence in his duties as secretary to Schneider. He appears quiet, cool and collected.

However his true personality is that of an angry, embittered, tortured man consumed with vengeance. He believes strongly that what he is doing is right and even tries to appeal to Barnaby, whose parents had also been murdered, to understand why his search for vengeance is justified because of the crimes Schneider had committed.

He is quite ruthless in the pursuit of his goals and won't allow anyone, not even the heroes of Sternbild, to get in the way of his revenge.


Born Andrew Scott, he lived with his single father who developed a small technological company called Scott Systems. Although a busy man, his father always had time for him and loved him dearly. Impressed with his technical innovations, Mark Schneider made a deal to go into business with Andrew's father.

Not long after, Andrew's father was bought out and left with nothing, which ultimately lead to his suicide, for which Andrew blamed Schneider. Taking on the identity of Vergil Dingfelder, he managed to get close to Schneider in order to act out his plans to take revenge for his father's death.

Andrew enlisted the help of three other NEXT, Richard Max, Johnny Wong and Kasha Graham - a boxer, monk, and dancer, respectively - who also had their lives ruined by Mark Schneider to help him.



Anthony Scott (father)Edit

Andrew had a positive, loving relationship wit his father.

Mark SchneiderEdit

Andrew blames Schneider for his father's suicide, and hates him vehemently.

Johnny Wong, Kasha Graham, and Richard MaxEdit

Little is known about Andrew's relationship with the other three antagonists of the movie, as they share no scenes together.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Andrew Scott is a powerful NEXT with the ability to manipulate technology. He is able to use his powers to gather and control machinery by integrating it together and with his own body. He is shown to have a great deal of control over this ability, using countless machine parts to construct an enormous, powerful crab-like mecha armor around himself armed with guns, claws, drills, saws, flamethrowers and more. His power is limited by the fact that he must be physically connected to the machinery he manipulates.

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